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The Advanced Guide to Best Business Setup in Dubai - Mazing US
Saturday, February 24, 2024
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The Advanced Guide to Best Business Setup in Dubai

So, you are planning to expand your business in Dubai? And wanted to know about how to setup your own business in Dubai. You are at right place to find out all the great things from best business setup consultants in Dubai that is workable for all businesses and entrepreneur. So, keep the spirit high and fasten your seatbelts to start your business journey in the business hub Dubai. The popularity of Dubai is not hidden, and this is amongst of all 7 emirates of UAE. Dubai is defined as the piece of land which has the capability to capture opportunities. So, being an investor and businessman, you should try to avail this golden chance for your business growth and development.

Latest guide to best business setup in Dubai:

Dubai is one of the cities of the world which offers so business friendly policies for residents and expats both. Whole procedure is simply easy and smooth. The only thing that might disturb beginners it would be selection of region as per business nature and paperwork is also bit tiring. And this can be ease by our business setup consultants. Let us take all the headache and you focus on your business growth strategies.

What the procedure to setup your business in Dubai?

  • The main course of action is your business plan. Do your research work, know about your goal and targets. What do you exactly want? Done your ground working and research to the max. Before getting into form and other formalities. First know about your business nature. Involved activities. You might be aware about DED department of economic development, they categorized business activities into around 2000+ activities so your have to choose as per your business nature.
  • Second most decisive part is to choose between the area or region you want to choose for your business. It could be freezone or mainland. Both the regions have different policies and rules for business dealings and working. For more details of these zones, you can refer to our more blogs of same field. But for basic intro I world mention that the mainland will allow you to perform all business activities within and out of the country. On the contrarily, in freezone you are limited to your assigned freezone to perform business activities.
  • Business’s legal structure is the third step of business setup in Dubai. You need to select between LLC (limited liability company), private or public partnership, offshore company, GCC or a local sponsor partnership. This will lead you to your basic completion of registration process and now you can move towards further steps.
  • It’s time to select the name of your business or you can say it as trade name. Be extra cautious and careful while choosing the name and avoid restricted aspects as per the law of UAE.
  • Prepare your documents, sign, and draft the MOA and AOA. Submit this with registration and other documents. And wait for the initial approvals by the government officials.
  • If your business required physical office space, then you have to rent it out. And also, virtual space can also work for some categories of business setup. Get it register with Ejari and get your tenancy contract.
  • Apply for business license as per your business activities. UAE offers 4 main types of business licenses. Commercial, professional, industrial and tourism license. Your trade license in Dubai will allow you to perform any business activity on the land of UAE.
  • Pay your fee, it is a one-time fee if your papers are approved by the government.

We aim to provide quality work within considerable amount. So, get in touch with our experienced team for business setup in Dubai.

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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