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Thank you Novomed, for that extra white smile I have now

Thanks to Novomed, my discolored and crooked teeth were straightened and made lighter with porcelain veneers. I’ve had awful teeth for such a long time and I generally disliked going to dentists but I’ve been meaning to do so for a long time. I found Novomed’s doctor on google after spending several weeks researching and asking friends for references. I’ve seen a few different dentists in Al Ain but have never been particularly impressed by any of them.

The doctor at Novomed was exceedingly caring and professional. I wasn’t sure if veneers were something I wanted to invest in but when I arrived for my session, I knew I had made the proper choice in having her do my veneers. I don’t have any regrets!

The doctor and the staff at Novomed in Al Ain are simply outstanding. They have a true understanding of how to provide a successful patient experience, and I would suggest them to anyone I know who wants to improve their smile. The staff were extremely sweet and put a big smile on my face the whole time. They genuinely care about their patients and went above and above in terms of ensuring my comfort and satisfaction.

The doctor guided me through the procedure in detail. She made sure I was comfortable and at ease every step of the process by seeing me as many times as required and by making me feel cared for. She was always just a phone call away, and her team was always calling to see how I was doing. The dentist takes her time to explain everything, and you can tell she is compassionate, in addition to being quite thorough.

After completing a full set of veneers, I am really pleased with the results. The dentist transformed my teeth into a white Hollywood smile. My teeth have never looked better, and I can’t stop showing them off. I can’t imagine how I’d look without the dentist’s amazing work! I will continue to be her patient without a doubt; she is highly competent, informative, and professional in her field. I’m in love with my new teeth and smile.

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