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TGVI WiFi Range Extender Common Problem & Their Best Solutions

The TGVI WiFi Range Extender is an innovative little device that boosts your WiFi signal so you can connect to your WiFi almost anywhere in your home! In addition, this device is compatible with all WiFi routers and can be used to expand WiFi range and connect to a WiFi network, even when there is a wall or obstruction in the way. The TGVI WiFi amplifying device allows you to enjoy all your favorite activities on the Internet. It includes surfing, emailing, chatting, posting, gaming, and streaming movies and music. The TGVI wifi extender is easily plug-and-play, so you don’t need to download anything. Besides, it supports all wireless standards, from 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. It also has a USB port, allowing you to extend the reach of your wireless signal to your smart devices.

Moreover, the TGVI WiFi Range Extender is a device designed to improve the range of your WiFi and it’s relatively easy to use and install, making sure your devices are always connected to the internet. The tgvi wifi extender setup is very simple. Every user does the setup very quickly. After doing the setup, you absolutely take the high-speed Wi-Fi network connectivity anywhere.

Reasons Behind TGVI WiFi Range Extender Not Working Properly

There might be a number of reasons why the WiFi extender isn’t connecting to the Internet. So, what exactly are they? Let’s go over them:

  • The internet connection isn’t operating properly.
  • The TGVI extender is not inside the router’s range.
  • The TGVI Wifi extender is not ready to take the router’s signal.
  • The range extender is either incorrectly installed or improperly powered. Check that the Range Extender is properly connected to the power outlet.
  • You are attempting to connect incompatible brands of range extenders within your home network.
  • The cable connections are sloppy.
  • Even though it is theoretically within range of the router, the range booster/extender is situated within a dead zone.
  • The orange LED light on the range extender is turned off.
  • The router is unable to assign an IP address to the WiFi extender.
  • The firmware/software of the wifi extender is out of date.

Troubleshooting steps of TGVI WiFi Range Extender common problems

Let’s attempt the following approaches to fix the TGVI range extender. We’ll try to cover several manufacturers’ range extenders and how to troubleshoot them.

Restart the TGVI range extender 

To reset the TGVI range extender, Firstly, remove the cover of the machine by turning the cover anti-clockwise. Then, heat up a knife by placing it in hot water and then pressing it on the cover. Then, get a friend to use the knife to lever the cover off. Finally, you’ll notice that the range extender has a small red wheel next to the USB socket.

Setup the TGVI WIFi range extender 

The setup of the TGVI Range Extender is rather simple. To do setup, first, plug your TGVI WiFi Range Extender into a power outlet near your router. Then, press and hold the TGVI WiFi Range Extender’s WPS button for 5 seconds to start the setup process. Next, press and hold your router’s WPS button for 5 seconds. If the connection was successful, you will hear a double beep and the top light will be solid blue. If you do not hear a double beep and the top light is flashing blue, then there was an error! Please power both the TGVI Range Extender and your router off for 5 seconds and then try again.

Check the firmware of TGVI extender 

If you are using a TGVI range extender, you must check that it is running the most recent firmware. To see if your extender has the most recent firmware, go to the official website or IP address and enter your model number. After that, navigate to the model’s support page and look for firmware downloads. Then, download the most recent firmware and update it according to the instructions on their support website.


The actual placement of the reset button on your Wi-Fi extender will differ depending on the brand. It is normally located near the ethernet cable port on the rear of your extender. It might be a button that is pressed with a needle, or it could be a standard switch-type button.

To reset your Wi-Fi extender, push or flip the reset button for 10 seconds, then turn it back on or off. This will erase all existing settings and allow you to change them.

If your Wi-Fi repeater still does not operate after the Reset operation, please contact the service provider.

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