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T-Shirt Styling Ideas That T-Shirt Addicts Will Love

Those who love tees collect them without knowing that they can style them in many unique ways. Whenever you hear the word t-shirt the first thing that comes to your mind is a boring outfit. People prefer tees because of their comfortability and low-key vibe. As tees are very simple they also give you the advantage that you can styler them in any way you want as they don’t make much of a statement of their own. There are many ways that you can transform your basic tees and make them an important part of your vogue look.

Wear Jewelry With Your Tee

Wearing Jewelry, especially statement jewelry can make a lot of difference to your basic tee look. Usually, t-shirts look too boring if you are wearing them for any occasion other than going to a grocery store. But if you wear a statement necklace with your favorite tee then it can make your tee look more versatile. Now you can wear your favorite tee to occasions like lunch, going out with friends, and to a coffee shop.

The important thing that you should keep in mind while choosing the statement necklace with your tee is the neckline of the tee. If the tee has a very low V-neck then you should go for a long pendant necklace. If your tee has scooped neckline then you should go for a shorter statement necklace. 

An Oversized T-Shirt Is A Good Option

If you want to style your essentials t shirt in different ways then you must have a good collection of oversized tees in your wardrobe. An oversized tee gives you plenty of options of styling as well as these tees look more attractive than tighter and plain tees. 

The best way to style an oversized tee is to wear them with leggings. You can pair this outfit with long boots or block heels. You can also style your favorite oversized graphic tee with a skirt to get a chic look. 

Make the right choices for shoes

 According to essential clothing uk choosing the right shoes with your tee is very important but most people think that shoes do not have any effect on tees. You must know that shoes play a significant role in your whole outfit as a good choice of shoes with even a simple tee can transform your lazy-looking outfit into something stunning.

Choose your shoes according to the type of look you are going for. If you want to transform your casual look to a bit artsy then wearing heels with a t-shirt and a tight pair of jeans is a good option. 

Use Tee For Formal Occasion

Yes, you read it right you can wear a basic tee to even an occasion that requires a bit of formal look. For a formal look, you should prefer neutral-colored tees like white, black, or navy. The neckline of the tee should not be too low and you must tuck it into your jeans. The color of the jeans should be dark. Wear a jacket above the tee to give it a semi-formal look. You can opt for this outfit while going to your office or on a business trip. 

Use Tee As A Foundation For Your Outfit

It is not necessary to make the tee a focal point of your outfit. You can wear it with your favorite pieces of outfit to complete your look. Take advantage of the collection of your solid tees and make them the foundation of your outfit. Tees as a foundation help you to avoid your outfit from looking too chic. You can also wear a basic tee with embroidered jeans to attain a modern look.

Pair Your Tees With Jeans

A combination of jeans and a t-shirt is very common and classic. If you want a completely casual and comfortable look then this option is best for you. You only need a pair of rock jeans with your favorite tee and it will make your outfit a bit more interesting. Prefer to wear jeans that are embroidered, detailed, or distressed to pair with your tees. 

In A Nutshell

Styling your tee is not as difficult as you think and you are not limited to wearing them only for a casual look. Make use of your larger collection of tees by getting some tee styling ideas as mentioned above.



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