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SVI Cisco Guide

What is SVI?

A Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) is a reasonable association point planned on a layer 3 Switch where SVI has no genuine mark of connection and gives Layer 3 treatment of packs from all switch ports related with the VLAN.

A SVI Cisco can be made for each VLAN yet a solitary SVI can be intended to each VLAN.

A SVI being virtual with no real port can complete comparable jobs for the VLAN as a switch interface and can be planned in essentially a similar way as a switch interface.

Normally, a SVI is made for the default VLAN (VLAN1) to permit remote switch association.

A Switch Virtual Interface can’t be established aside from whenever related with a genuine port.

Multi-layer switches support planning a VLAN as a rational coordinated interface (Switched Virtual Interface). The SVI cisco is alluded to by the VLAN number as indicated by underneath game plan –

  • Switch(config)#interface vlan 10
  • Switch(config)# portrayal TEST
  • Switch(config-if)# ip address
  • Switch(config-if)# no shut

SVIs are the most notable strategy for planning between VLAN coordination.

The reasonable VLAN association point is supposed to meet the going with condition to come on the web –

The VLAN is made.
Something like one port is dynamic in the VLAN.

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