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Staycation: How Did It Become a New Trend?

Life, after dealing with the pandemic, has changed completely. People are still reluctant about traveling and yet are in dire need of taking a vacation. Well, this very situation that we all are experiencing has enhanced the importance of taking a staycation by many folds. It has become a new and fascinating trend in Windermere.

If you are new to the concept, staycation means you are on a holiday, but not traveling anywhere outside Windermere. Mostly, you check in into a hotel room, or hire a vacation rental and explore local tourist attractions. This is a very relaxing way of taking a break from your day-to-day routine. You need not worry about household chores or official workload. All you do is relax and enjoy your time with family, or friends. 

Besides, there are several beautiful rental properties in Keenes Pointe Windermere. These houses are fully furnished with plenty of amenities. You will be surprised to see how relaxed you will feel in one of these rental homes. To book one for your group, check out the listings available with Wendy Morris Realty. They have one of the best properties listed with them. Also, their agents know and understand the local real estate market very well.

Why you must consider taking a staycation?

If you are wondering how taking a staycation can help you relax, since you are in your hometown, here we have given top 5 reasons to you. Keep on reading to understand how staycations are as good as vacation, and sometimes even better…

  1. While taking a staycation, you need not worry about a lot of planning and organizing. Yes, you will be packing your bags and shifting to a hotel room or a rental property, but still, it is much easier than catching a flight and making plenty of reservations.
  2. It allows you to explore everything there is in your hometown. Yes, you surely know your town well, but do you always have time to explore new places and restaurants? Well, no one does. A staycation allows you to do so.
  3. Windermere is a beautiful town with plenty of exotic and luxurious rental properties to rent. By taking a staycation, you will get the opportunity to stay at one of these rental properties, and if you are on a budget, don’t worry since you anyways saving on traveling.
  4. Staycation helps the local economy. When you are spending holiday time in your hometown, you certainly boost the sales of local vendors and stores. Even when you participate in local and seasonal events, you help in enhancing the local economy.
  5. Last but not the least, a staycation helps you in enjoying every moment. You are not rushing to catch flights, or wasting your time traveling far away. You get to enjoy every minute of your holidays right from the beginning till the end.

If you are looking for a rental property in Windermere, check out The Village of Northshore. It is a premium community with just 136 units on 36 spacious acres. The houses are customized as per the needs of the owner, and they are simply mesmerizing. If you are looking forward to spending a staycation in Windermere, Northshore village is worth considering.



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