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Start Collecting Today: The Ultimate Guide for LEGO Lovers in Australia

Building LEGO is an Australian pastime that has grown in popularity over the years. Whether you are looking for a great toy for the kids or a new creative hobby to get stuck into, LEGO is a product that has proven to have widespread appeal in Australia, as well as globally. LEGO has a long history dating back to 1932, but the range of LEGO collections has expanded tremendously since then. Nowadays, LEGO lovers can find collections that are suitable for people of all ages and tailored to a range of specific interests. If you are curious about the popularity of LEGO and why people see so much value in collecting LEGO sets, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting started as a LEGO collector.

Welcome to the World of LEGO!

Let’s start at the beginning: Who is LEGO for? That’s an easy question. LEGO is for everyone.

Sure, when we think of any toy, be it LEGO or a rag doll collection, kids always pop to mind. However, LEGO appeals to people of all ages. In fact, kids aren’t always the biggest LEGO fans out there. The complex nature of some LEGO collections may mean that younger children can sometimes find it overwhelming and lose interest. So, as a parent, it might be best to wait till your child is a little older and can understand the wonderful world of LEGO. 

It’s this versatility in appeal that has helped LEGO stand the test of time. Having been around since 1932, the LEGO range has expanded so much over the years that there are now collections that appeal to a wide range of builders. For most people, the earliest age a kid can start playing with LEGO is around the age of 4. Their young imaginations and motor skills make the classic LEGO bricks a wonderful way to express themselves and learn to follow instructions too. While the LEGO classic themes are a suitable place for beginners to get started, there are more complex collections for older kids and more advanced builders looking to exercise a bit more creativity too. 

As far as the big kids and adults are concerned, LEGO is not just a great activity that allows parents to bond with their children, but there are sets that are specifically tailored to match specific niches that pique your interest from Star Wars and Jurassic World to Harry Potter and Frozen, you’ll find themed LEGO sets that appeal to almost everyone.  

5 Great Reasons to Become a LEGO Collector

As we’ve already established, LEGO sets aren’t just for kids. Regardless of your age, there are plenty of reasons why you should give in to temptation and consider becoming a LEGO collector. If you are looking to be convinced, here are a few reasons that might help you take that plunge. 

1. LEGO Collections Are a Great Investment

Beyond all the fun and games, one legitimate adult reason to become a LEGO collector is that LEGO products have proven to be a great investment. There are even some people who’d argue that investing in a LEGO collection is a better financial decision than putting your money into stocks and shares. LEGO has proven it has timeless appeal. Much of this is since the brings and mini figures are solid and indestructible. You’ll find that there are collectors from across the globe that are always looking to expand their collection and get their first hand a rare LEGO set that has been discontinued. 

LEGO does go up in value over time, especially if you are able to keep the set-in tip-top condition or sealed in its original box. Certain developments could also result in a particular LEGO collection becoming more valuable. For example, the Star Wars collector sets became highly sought after with the release of newer movies. Other collections which have great investment potential are the superhero-themed sets and limited-edition collections, which feature rare mini figures. 

Just to reiterate this point further, one of the most profitable LEGOS sets in history is the 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon which was launched in 2007 and priced at $500AUD. However, in recent years it regularly sells for over $1000AUD, if not $3000AUD and more. 

2. LEGO Has Great Aesthetic Value 

Profit aside, LEGO has great visual appeal. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with completing a challenging LEGO set and proudly staring at your own handiwork. You see, it isn’t about the fun associated with building LEGO; the finished creations can provide a unique decorative piece for your home. LEGO sets such as the Taj Mahal set, or the Super Star Destroyer can be a wonderful centrepiece for your living room table!

3. LEGO Has Timeless Appeal & Nostalgic Value

Even though the range of LEGO collections has expanded tremendously over the years, the LEGO bricks you remember from your childhood are still like the LEGO bricks produced today. This nostalgic value is why so many LEGO collectors feel drawn to vintage LEGO sets. Even after many years, you’ll still be able to mix and match using the LEGO bricks you played with as a kid. 

4. LEGO Provides Us With Endless Fun

Once you start exploring the world of LEGO, it is likely that your inner child will find endless possibilities when it comes to new LEGO collector sets which are constantly being released. If throwing yourself into the LEGO world isn’t enough though, you can share the LEGO love by buying collector sets for your children or grandchildren, so you can have fun together. It is highly likely the little ones will love LEGO just as much as you do. Beyond the endless fun that is to be had, LEGO is a great tool for developing building and motor skills, while promoting fantasy play. 

5. LEGO Leaves The Perfect Legacy

Seeing that LEGO has great investment potential and has proven to increase in value over time, it is the perfect heirloom to leave to future generations. Unlike an old brooch or piece of furniture, LEGO provides young people with an element of fun too. Beyond the financial value, leaving LEGO collector sets as a form of inheritance is also a lovely way to allow your family to create cherished memories of you in the future. There is no doubt about it; everyone loves LEGO, so it’ll certainly provide a wonderful sense of nostalgia in years to come. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your LEGO Collection

Whether you are purchasing LEGO collections to lose yourself in having fun building beautiful creations with friends and family or purely for investment value, here are some top tips for getting the most out of your purchase.

1. Have a Purchasing Strategy Ready to Go & Stick With It

Wondering what LEGO set you should buy? You need a purchasing strategy and to understand how the markets work. For instance, you’ll often find LEGO sets are heavily reduced when their availability is high, and the end of life for the product is still a long way off. This price of a particular LEGO set is likely to rise as the availability decreases or the set looks to be discontinued. 

2. Store Your LEGO Properly for Best Value

Proper storage of your LEGO has benefits for every type of LEGO collector. If you plan to build your LEGO collection, you’ll get far more satisfaction from the process if you have your sets organised according to themes or sizes. Moreover, if you plan to simply collect LEGO sets as an investment, then you should make sure the boxes are stored carefully in a cool and dry space where it isn’t exposed to too much light.

Display Your LEGO Creations In Style

If you’ve worked tirelessly building a spectacular LEGO creation, you’ll want to ensure it is displayed in a way that allows it to get the attention it deserves. There are loads of creative ways to display your LEGO collections. For instance, if you are an avid LEGO builder, having a dedicated LEGO feature wall is a fun way to create a fantastic centrepiece in your home. Using display boxes is another fantastic way to show off your favourite LEGO creations, while keeping them safe and clean as well. 

Start Your LEGO Collection Today!

In short, collecting LEGO products is not just for kids, as many may mistakenly believe. LEGO sets are great fun for people of all ages and even those with specific interests in popular franchises, such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. 

Beyond all the fun adults can have building LEGO creations and using them as the basis for a bonding activity with the kids, LEGO collections have the potential to be hugely profitable as they become highly sought-after, especially limited-edition collections or those that are discontinued. Moreover, the timeless appeal of LEGO sets means that they are a lovely legacy to leave for future generations. 

Additionally, those that are willing to think creatively may also find that their latest LEGO build project becomes a wonderful decorative piece in their home thanks to its impressive aesthetic value. Regardless of your motivations, there are plenty of reasons to take up LEGO collecting as a hobby. 

If you’re keen to start building your LEGO collection, there’s no better place than TRK Toys. They have an extensive range of LEGO sets, including rare, hard-to-find and out-of-circulation products. Plus, they also have great LEGO lights so you can take your collection to a new level when it comes time to display it. Explore their range today!



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