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SocialDice 2022 Update About Instagram’s New Map Feature

Instagram is a rewarding platform continuously rolling out incredible features for users and businesses. Its new features improve the user experience and enable businesses to promote their brand more than ever. Recently, Instagram has launched a new Map feature that helps people explore wildly popular tagged locations. Using this feature, users filter specific locations by sorting out the checklist of categories like cafes, restaurants, theaters, beauty salons, and more. This new updated feature offers a whole new dynamic experience to quickly discover popular and trending spots around users using stories, guides, and tagged posts. Also, users can quickly find the locations using reliable hashtags on Instagram. 

Even though there are so many new updates, incorporating Instagram Reels in your marketing strategy is a worthy idea to boost your online presence. However, while utilizing Reels, most businesses often prefer to buy instagram reels likes to build a strong brand reputation. So, if you are in business, start using Reels and the latest feature on Instagram to expand your business more rapidly. Here this article lets you know about the newly updated map feature. 

Is Instagram New Map Feature Available On All Countries?

The answer is no, that it is in the testing process and only has been launched in certain countries. Once this feature is successfully tested, it will slowly launch in other countries. Another good news is that location stories are becoming popular with these features. In contrast, if you tag locations in public stories, they will showcase on the new Instagram map feature. If you are a business, keep an eye on the newly rolling out features to make your business stand out from the competition.

Where Can You Find The New Feature?

As discussed above, the new feature is in the testing phase and will be only accessible to the countries such as New Zealand’s and Australia’s Instagram users. However, the people in these countries can try this feature. Also, remember that this feature is only available to the Instagram account that has satisfied a few conditions that Instagram has sent. Further, SocialDice says you can expect this feature to roll out in a few other countries as soon as possible. 

How Can You Utilize Instagram’s Map Search?

  • Go to the Explore tab and tap on the upper right map icon.
  • Allow Instagram to automatically access your location, which will showcase nearby popular locations.
  • Tap on the categories or utilize the search bar to do a proper search.
  • In the search bar, type location, hashtags, city, product, or service. If you want a broader perspective of the map, tap on the Instagram geotag or drag the map. 

Best Ways To Appear On Instagram Map Search?

The newly released Instagram map feature presents a whole new opportunity for businesses to increase visibility and helps users to find locations as easily. This feature is similar to Google Maps in that you can explore pictures and user-generated content on the Instagram map, which is a social proof for your business. So, if you want to get the most out of the newly launched Instagram map feature, follow the steps below.

Ensure to choose the category that relates to your business so that you will discover it when users search your category. 

If you want to set up the category on your Instagram page:

  • Click on ‘Edit Profile’ below your Instagram bio
  • Select ‘Category’

Then, for each image, make sure to tag the location. Furthermore, don’t forget about the power of hashtags. As a business, do proper research on hashtags and utilize the mix of hashtags that is general and brand specific. The great idea while using the new map features is to take advantage of specific and location-based hashtags for your business. Also, create more interactive Instagram Reels and get free instagram reels likes to advance your brand’s visibility. 

Perks Of Utilizing The Instagram Map Search

You already got a clear idea of the benefits of utilizing the Instagram map search. Still, if you want to know about this feature, continue reading this article until the end. This feature lets users search for new places directly from the application. It has become a valuable tool for users to get important information about any business. For your better understanding, SocialDice has listed a few benefits of the new map feature for businesses.

  • International visitors can easily find your business.
  • Effortlessly enhance visibility and drive organic traffic.
  • Attract users to create and share more user-generated content for your business. 

Final Takeaway

In a nutshell, you may understand the new map feature for businesses. So once this feature is in use, make sure to utilize it to explore your business to the potential audience and potentially engage them more. Well, the new Map feature magnifies your business exposure and builds a direct relationship with your customers. So, once the ‘New Map Feature’ comes into effect, ensure to follow the above strategy and make the most of it.



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