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Social Media and Influencer Marketing: How to Get Holiday Marketing Right

October brings colder temperatures, darker nights, and comprar seguidores twitter pumpkin-spiced syrup to every hot beverage. Marketers can also feel that looming sense of dread as Q4 marks the start of some of the busiest holidays on the calendar.

Although there are many holiday and event opportunities, Christmas is the busiest. Consumers will also spend lots of money at Christmas, with Brits spending PS79.7billion on Christmas 2020 and Americans spending $789.4billion in 2020. These figures are lower than in 2019, but with the return of normalcy this festive season, we expect to see them rise again in 2021. This spending spree could start as early as mid-November, so if Thanksgiving and Black Friday are on your plan to increase brand awareness, be prepared for an influx of hashtags and creative assets. This is not just Christmas, and it’s also the time when everyone gets excited. The months of October and November can become very hectic. There are many holidays to consider: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Bonfire Night, Hanukkah as well as Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday, and Diwali. Boxing Day, New Year, Diwali, and Cyber Monday. This can be combined with other awareness days or internal communications to create a busy marketing calendar. Even if you only want to focus on a few significant events, there will still be plenty of noise around them. This is why a plan of action in some form is essential.

For months, marketers plan for key commercial dates like Halloween and Christmas. Global PR and marketing departments will tell you that Christmas campaigns are usually arranged in July or earlier. This is way before we consider getting the tree out from the loft. It’s okay to approach marketing planning later than usual, particularly if you have social media at your disposal.

Social media is your best friend in holiday marketing

Holiday marketing requires brands to be bold. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put up a billboard in Times Square. However, you need to be strategic about what you do and say.

Noise and competition have increased globally as more brands realize the importance of communicating with the world. It is not enough to post a Facebook status and hope for a few likes or comments. Every piece of activity that you do needs to have thought and purpose, no matter how large. This will ensure that your audience gets the most engagement and ROI.

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Social media can be a great way to highlight what your brand is celebrating, whether it’s a campaign you’ve been working on for months or you see the decorations starting to go up.

It’s not just the gaming industry that can make a profit on social media in terms of purchasing habits. HubSpot found that 71% of consumers are more likely than others to buy based on recommendations from social media. This is a reminder of social media’s impact on sales.

Influencers are also important.

It is a given that you will find an influencer on any social media platform. Influencers are the most popular platform on social media. The sheer number of content creators available can make campaigns 10x more effective. Social media and influencers are the best tools for holiday marketing.

Influencers can bring your product or service to life beyond the static ads or photoshoots you did five years ago. They also have the potential to reach a vast audience that is not yet being reached. You can promote your product or service further if you find an influencer relevant to your brand and your target audience. All this happens via social media, too. Consumers can purchase products without ever leaving Instagram and Facebook. What convenience is that?

It’s not just Christmas.

We’ve only mentioned Q4 holiday events, but many other holidays can be just as profitable. The hype surrounding Christmas is overwhelming. Everyone is jumping on this bandwagon, and it’s rightly so.

It would help if you thought about ways you can participate in Star Wars-related memes and promotions on dog merch. Also, consider how you could do something unique for company-specific dates. This is an excellent idea from fashion retailers. They often send out personalized discounts to customers on the anniversary of their first purchase or their birthday. This type of direct marketing can help you increase brand loyalty and engagement and generate sales. You’ll find customers will stay longer if you create personal experiences.

Holiday marketing is all about creativity. It’s essential to be creative and make sure that you are spending your money well. Do not follow the crowd, be creative. Take a look at your competition and think of something that you can do better.

Holiday marketing can be a great way of bulking out your yearly communications calendar. It can also provide frequent opportunities to reach out to customers and internal employees. Here are some tips to help you maximize holidays and other events throughout the year.

Plan your future

The first step to success in holiday marketing is planning. Reactive marketing is a good option. You can get on board with holiday events as quickly as possible, but planning will help you achieve better results.

Social media is fast-paced, and trends can change every minute. If you know what topics will be famous, you can prepare any copy or creative to be the first to post.

Create a narrative

Brand communications are made more accessible by storytelling. We’re used to reading stories and knowing their structure. You’ll get more engagement if you create an account around a campaign. People will be more likely to return for more because of FOMO.

This has been a success story for Gymshark in the past. On its birthday and Black Friday, the brand’s fitness apparel and accessories only sell two times a year. Customers eagerly await Black Friday deals, so there is a buzz in November.

Gymshark began its promotion and buildup of the upcoming sales in November 2020. The sale also worked hard to create tension and suspense through critical influencers and teasers when the deal would launch.

You can keep customers happy by creating a story and inducing intrigue. This will also help you to attract new customers. Because it is easy to update and follow, social media is a great way to start a story.

You can think outside the box.

Marketers are taught to think outside of the box. It’s a rule every marketer must follow. Even though it can be challenging to think of a new way to market, there are still ways to do so. Invite the influencers.


Although holiday marketing can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be scary. You can make sure your campaign stands out against all the social media noise by taking proactive steps, learning from other brands, and trying to create something unique.

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