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Smart Meter Myths and Facts For You!

Smart meters are a recent invention, and not every household is equipped with them. Rumors about smart meters are spreading as it is a fairly new addition to this world.

So how can you differentiate between what you should believe and what you should ignore? Let us bust some common myths and address the rumors head-on.

1.     Smart meter installation fee is very high

Smart meters are installed for free, and you do not have to pay a single penny for them.

2.     It is made compulsory by the government to get a smart meter installed

It is not a legal requirement to get a smart meter installed. You have all rights to refuse. But the government aims and wishes that the majority of businesses and households become equipped with smart meters by 2026.

3.     Energy suppliers refused to install smart meters during the pandemic

This is absolutely false. Energy suppliers such as Utility Bidder did not decline any request to have smart meters installed. They took proper precautions and measures and observed all SOPs get your smart meters installed.

4.     Smart meters are not safe

If you intended to purchase a smart meter and you asked around, you must have heard that smart meters are not safe. It is one of the most common rumors, and it is completely false.

Smart meters pass the EU and UK safety criteria and standards. They are installed by trained staff. While installing, the electrician performs a visual safety check and looks for any alarming signs at no extra cost.

The government has also said that the radio waves produced by smart meters are not dangerous to health.

5.     My data isn’t secure and safe

Smart meters are safe and do not leak your data. They capture and store data regarding your energy consumption, and you have complete control over how often they do this.

You can choose to share your energy consumption data with your energy supplier with full security and compliance with the privacy policy and data protection legislation.

6.     You need to connect to a network

No, you do not need access to an internet connection. Smart meters come with their own inbuilt SIM cards. It can send you your meter readings through a wireless GSM network. There is no need to get WIFI in order to install your smart meter.

7.     I am a tenant, so I cannot install a smart meter

If you are paying your monthly rent, then you can easily ask for a smart meter. However, you should contact your landlord and check with them just in case there are any terms on your tenancy contract that forbid you from getting a smart meter.

8.     Smart meters are spies

One of the top reasons for not installing smart meters is that people believe that they spy on them. The truth is that smart meters cannot hear or see anything. It is only capable of measuring the amount of energy consumed.

They cannot spy on you and leak your sensitive information. They simply do not possess that feature or function. Your energy consumption data is encrypted and can only be viewed by your energy supplier.

In a nutshell

These are the most common myths we just busted. Now the ball is in your court, and you need to take the final step and get a smart meter installed.

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