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Slat Walls – ARoll Home Improvement & Design Ltd.

Who are we?

Richmond, BC, Canada-based ARoll Home Improvement & Design Ltd has been a locally held company for more than seven years, named after Alexey Roll. We work for re-modelling and making your home aesthetically pleasing and up-to-the mark. Our team of designers and workers have years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have a hand on the wheel when it comes to your project. From the beginning of the project to its conclusion, you get expert responses. 

Importance of decorative walls

Your wall is a reflection of your taste and style. It’s the place where you can show off your personality, your style, and your nature. That’s why we’re here to help you design the wall that reflects everything you are. We’ve got all kinds of wall design ideas and designs for every room in your home.Decorative walls can help you accentuate the architecture of your home by giving it a new dimension. They can also help create an illusion of space where there really isn’t any, or help you create a feeling of openness when there really isn’t any at all! 

Our team is comprised of experts in every area of interior design, so we’re always up-to-date on all the latest trends in wall decorating. We can even help you pick out the perfect color scheme for your new wall designs if you wish. 

Featured Walls

One of our main services is feature wall design in Vancouver. A feature wall is a wall that uses texture, color, and contrast to energize and add interest to a space. It’s similar to sticking out in a crowd. Several materials can be used to construct feature walls. The quickest and least expensive option is to paint, followed by wallpaper. Timber or natural stone are good options for both indoor and exterior feature walls if you want to add extra texture.

  • Our services

We offer the following featured walls:

  • Accent Walls
  • Slat Walls
  • Wainscoting
  • Asymmetric Walls
  • Geometric Walls
  • Board and Patten Walls
  • Shiplap

Slat Walls

Slatwall is a structural material that can be used to make display fixtures or wall coverings. It is often made of wood panels with horizontal grooves or slats that can accommodate a variety of attachments. Wood slats are usually cheaper than metal slats, but they don’t hold up as well over time. Metal slats are sturdier and can withstand the elements better than wood ones.

Slat walls are an excellent choice for homes that have a lot of windows and/or open areas because they’re relatively lightweight, easy to install, and can be painted in any color. They’re also very inexpensive and have an appeal. They are the best way to go when it comes to creating a wall-free space. They are also a great way to add a bit of privacy, but they’re also a great way to add an element of modernity, and hence, can be seen in many office spaces. 

Why choose us?

ARoll takes pride in its slogan, “Unique Walls For Your Sweet Home”. ARoll professionals craft your walls to perfection. Slat Walls are the ideal illustration of timeless and durable wall solutions for contemporary homes. This eliminates your ordinary, uninteresting walls by replacing them with high-quality wooden slats that are vertically installed from floor to ceiling. Our experts handle each stage leading to the implementation of your decorative ideas, from design selection through construction. 

A professional hand is required to build the slat walls just right. When properly placed, these walls look fashionable and change the whole outlook of a space. We’re a company that loves to create. We love to create, we love the process of creating, and we love that our work is what we enjoy doing. When you hire us to do your slat walls, you’re hiring someone who will not only create something that fits the space in which you wish it to reside, but also something that will last for years.

Variety of Slat Walls

These slats look fantastic and provide a practical area on the wall of your room while being compatible with a wide range of accessories. Slat walls are also very adaptable, and with our guidance, you can use them on any wall. You can choose between horizontal or vertical slat walls, depending on what type of look you’re going for in your home. Horizontal slats give your home a rustic feel, while vertical ones give it a modern look. The most common type of slat wall is made from wooden boards that are nailed together in an alternating pattern. This creates a strong barrier between rooms without blocking any light or airflow between them. There are metallic and mesh slat walls available as well.

Protect your Slat Walls

Some people have installed slat walls into their garden as well, and we sure as well can help your name be enlisted with those people. Tiny green plants enhance the beauty of the wall immensely. But slat walls are not designed to carry a lot of weight though. Keep this in mind, and if you want to install your TV on them. Instead, you attach the television and make sure to drill a hole through the felt and into the wall. There are always protective ways to enhance the beauty. We take deep care upon such requests and our work is not done until the customer is satisfied.

Our Expertise 

We believe every project is different, and we are zealous about giving your home a fresh look. No matter if it’s your dining room or living room, our high-end wall designs will give each area in your house a special air of grandeur. The fixtures are built with premium components and cutting-edge technology, and they appear upscale and are strong enough to preserve the beauty of your house.

You gain from working with us in a variety of ways but to name some, you will get:

  • Affordable rates
  • Numerous design options according to choice
  • Customization to these designs
  • An expert approach tailored to your needs
  • Durable material

Why are you still holding out? Get your modern feature walls now! 

Contact us on our website through Messenger or on our phone number or email. We also have a Facebook page if you are interested. Please feel free to visit our website for more details, and testimonials, or to peruse the gallery of the beautiful walls and other items that have helped us build our reputation. 



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