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Site Security & Guards – What Should You Know

When it comes to construction projects, no matter their size, you must invest in quality security guard services. With the increasing number of assaults, crimes, theft, and vandalism, it has become essential to hire professional security services for the safety of your premises. When it comes to construction sites, have complex designs, heavy machinery, fragile structures, and electrical hazards. If tampered with, they can lead to devastating results and impact the workers, company, and unauthorized individuals as well. Delicate areas require security and monitoring to keep from vandalism, and theft, and to ensure structural integrity. 

Employing a professional team secures your business and boosts your reputation as well. If you are contemplating the idea of hiring security services, you must have begun the research. While looking for quality security services, you will be overwhelmed by the number of options as everyone claims to offer quality services. There are plenty of options you can pick from. However, the quality of service varies extensively. 

While looking for security services for corporate, commercial, or government organizations, here are a few essential considerations you should bear in mind before choosing the best security company:

A Thorough Screening Process

You cannot rely on and trust the protection of your property to the security guards who are not properly investigated and evaluated. After you have shortlisted a few security companies, inquire about their interview process. What is their screening process? Do they ask about job history, professional skills, and experience? Do they include situational and behavioral questions in the interview as well?

What about background checks and references? Do they include drug tests and psychological assessments? All of these are crucial. 

Training Level

You should ensure that the guards you hire for your property are thoroughly trained before they get on the job. Security guards need initial training to guarantee their expertise and grip on security basics, training according to the location, and other special considerations. And this doesn’t end here. Learning and training should be an ongoing process so their skills are up to date. 

The security guards should be trained in incidence command, and terrorism response, and be prepared in an emergency.


The best security companies will cater to your particular needs and offer services to adapt to your requirements. If you need to appoint a guard for a sensitive task with a particular temperament or high level of discretion, a quality security agency should provide them. There are a few agencies that offer armed guards as well as remote guarding solutions as well that work along with on-site guards.

Customer Service

One of the most important qualities of an effective security guard is the ability to stimulate confidence. When it comes to priorities, the first priority should be protecting and ensuring the safety of the people they serve. It is not only about guarding intruders and keeping the premises and people safe from criminals or thieves. Usually, they are the first person people encounter, so they should have a customer service focus as well while being alert and attentive.


When it comes to gaining experience, security professionals can get that from multiple sources such as serving in the military, working in law enforcement, or previous security jobs. While hiring security guards for your business, ask the company their requirements for their guards, their training methods, and how they mentor new hires. A high level of experience is needed for armed guards.

Track Record

It is essential to check the background and reputation of the security service agency on your own. Do online research, ask for references, and investigate whether they are a reliable choice or not. Read reviews and testimonials on authentic review sites. Look for articles about their performance.

Moreover, check for awards, community, presence, and recognition as well to know about their standing in the community.

Compliance and Insurance

This is important. See that the site security services company you are considering follows the local, state, and federal laws? Does it abide by the rules and regulations? Do they have a license? If yes, then they should be able to show you. Also, the company should have proof of sufficient insurance coverage as well which should include bond and workers’ compensation and liability.

Keep these above pointers in mind before picking a security service for your business.

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