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Simple Steps to check your lottery Online!

Nowadays, people prefer buying and checking the lottery online, which is a simple and quick way. The best part is they don’t have to visit retail to purchase lottery tickets. Online is a safe option when it comes to checking tickets. 

Many lottery apps on Play Store or Apple stores will help you enter a lottery quickly, and these apps are more accurate and efficient. Additionally, you can open an account so that you never miss a draw, play multiple lines for a couple of months, remember your numbers for the next pull, or play multiple lines at once. 

Furthermore, if you win something while playing online, you will instantly get a notification via email. In this blog, we are discussing simple steps to check your lottery tickets online. 

Download The Lottery Apps: 

The first step is to list all the lottery apps available in your play store. Then check their features and shortlist the ones you think will work in your best interest. There are many official sites where one can quickly check lottery tickets, but you need to make an account first. You can also check KBC lottery tickets at the KBC WhatsApp lottery check online.

A certified lottery app allows you the fastest access to the draw outcomes as mobile phones are used frequently in today’s world. The results are accessible with just one tap, so you don’t need to visit any other websites.

Check via Official websites:

Almost every reliable lottery program has its official website that displays results, so you can rely on such websites to check your tickets. If they don’t have an official website for the lottery can raise concerns about the platform’s reliability. It can be considered a warning sign.

KBC lottery programs offer an official site where they greet people and make it easy for their members to check their tickets. They also provide KBC WhatsApp lottery check online options for their loyal customers. 

Most of the official websites and online portals don’t support scanning. Then you can enter your lottery and phone numbers and click the Check Lottery Button, and you are good to go.

To instantly check if your draw-based lotto ticket is a jackpot, enter the code number into the online ticket checker.

Scan Your Ticket:

You can scan your lottery ticket to find out the results. These apps use Optical Character Recognition scanner technology to monitor the numbers. Check the latest nationwide wins and lottery numbers instantly. Additionally, you can save your numbers for upcoming draw dates. These apps also offer a helpful QR code scanner and random number generator.


  • Try to keep the mobile as still as you can.
  • Please take turns scanning each row of numbers.
  • Ensure the row fits perfectly inside the frame.
  • Affix the camera at a right angle to the ticket’s border.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Wipe the lens of your camera.

Compare with the winner:

Many websites display winners’ names and numbers on their homepages, so you can also check your lottery by comparing with those winning numbers.

Receive Confirmation Email:

You are likely to get a confirmation email if you win a lottery. One of the perks of online checking is instantly getting an email from the organizers. 


To avoid falling for a scam, use caution while using applications and websites that offer to purchase lottery tickets for you. Whether you’re considering using an app to buy or check lottery tickets for you, read the app reviews, look for complaints, and see if any major news outlets have mentioned it.

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