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Signs you need to visit a Neurologist for Headache or Migraine Treatment

Headaches are common and can happen to anyone and everyone. Migraine or headaches occur due to some disorder in the functioning of the nervous system. If it is a mild headache once or twice a month, you need not consult a neurologist, as over-the-counter meds such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be good pain relievers. You may have a headache due to work pressure or stress at home. 

If you have headaches more often, forcing you to take a day off from work at least four times a month, then you need to consult a neurologist for proper treatment to soothe your nerves, restore calm and ease the pain. The pain may suddenly start in the morning, continue for two or more days, and increase while straining and experiencing poor eyesight. 

South Valley Neurology in Morgan Hill, CA, is the best center to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your headache problems with proper medication. Their highly experienced and skilled team of professionals offers a top-rated treatment process for patients suffering from neurological disorders such as migraines, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and more.


The frequent headache or migraine signs that suggest you should visit a neurological specialist are:

  • If your headache is not reducing with the recommended prescription drugs by your family doctor or healthcare provider, you should visit a neurologist for further treatment.
  • You can book an appointment if it is severe due to over usage of pain killers or any other related medicine for immediate relief.
  • If you are 50 plus, suffering from chronic headaches, you need further tests and treatment to prevent high risks conditions. Sometimes, severe headache causes stroke or may be due to any other underlying health disorder. 
  • If you are experiencing weakness on any side of your body or frequently getting seizures, it may be due to the risks caused by the severely damaged nervous system and related diseases such as brain tumors.
  • If you had a head injury in an accident, you need to visit a neurologist for immediate treatment. Otherwise, a post-traumatic headache or other related issues may trouble you in the future.

For an effective treatment program, consult one of the best South Valley neurologists. They develop and maintain a long-lasting relationship with their patients to provide the best care and treatment to overcome neurological disorders like headaches and migraines. If you are a woman, you can share how your migraine and its symptoms affect you more during your cycles.


In some worst cases, it could be a life-threatening problem. You need to call for emergency medical attention. It might be a symptom of any underlying health disease, such as a stroke. When to call for immediate help:

  • Confusion or numbness on the face.
  • Extreme pain on any one side.
  • Hoarse voice or becoming speechless.
  • Double vision or a drooping eyelid.
  • Clumsiness, unable to withstand, and sudden vomiting.

The professionals at South Valley Neurology will ease your pain with the best prescription drugs if you consult them soon. In some high-risk cases, they perform a physical examination and neurological tests based on the severity of the headache or migraine and the underlying health issue.