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Signs To Fix Faucet With Professional Plumbing Services in Mornington

Is your faucet dripping or does it take forever to get hot water? While you might expect to deal with these minor issues from time to time, if you notice that these problems are becoming more frequent, it could be because your faucet requires repair. Before you decide on heading out to buy a new faucet, however, make sure to check out the nine signs mentioned below to check if you need to call your plumber.

Signs Your Faucet Isn’t Functioning Properly.

1. Loose handle

If you see that the handle of your faucet is loose or wobbly, it’s a sign that it may start leaking soon. If you don’t want to deal with significant water wastage, it’s best to get a new handle now rather than later. You can hire a Professional Plumbing Service in Mornington to ensure that everything screws in tightly before there become significant problems.

Professional Plumbing Services in Mornington
Professional Plumbing Services in Mornington

2. Low water pressure

If you notice that your faucet is turning slower than it used to or that water pressure, in general, has been compromised, there may be a problem with your faucet. It is caused by sediment buildup or corroded parts. The Plumber in Mt. Martha says that even if your faucet is still working, these issues should be soon taken care of because they can escalate into more significant problems.

3. Leaks

Check out your faucet if your water shows up on your floor instead of your sink. If you see puddles forming around or under it, or if there are cracks in its base, you may leak. The first step you should consider is turning off your water supply and confirming that there aren’t any leaks; if so, call a plumber. Otherwise, use these steps to fix what’s broken and stop wasting water.

4. Frequently dripping tap

Dripping taps waste hundreds of gallons of water every year and a faucet that drips 15 drops per minute wastes about 60 gallons of water each week. To fix a dripping tap, start by hiring the professional plumbing service in Mornington, who will turn off your water supply and unscrew your sink’s aerator with an adjustable wrench. Then, screw on a faucet washer with pliers to fix it efficiently.

5. Slow leak

If you think your sink has been leaking for a while but haven’t detected a drop in water levels, it could be due to a slow leak. Worn-out O-rings or seals are likely to cause it. Before taking on any major repairs, check that you don’t have any missing screws holding down parts of your faucet, and call a plumber if necessary.

6. Water forms in an uneven pool over the sink

If you notice an uneven pool of water over your sink, it’s a sign that your faucet is leaking. The pooling water will continue until you fix it, so if you want to save water bills, try tightening up those joints. The professional plumbing service in Mornington can help you with a new faucet installation to get started. Water leaks are sneaky costs that can easily lead to more significant problems.

It is a significant problem. Check behind and below your skink for a leaky pipe if you can’t see water pooling. A leaky pipe can cause considerable damage in time if it isn’t repaired soon enough, so get it fixed right away.

7. Water doesn’t turn off completely

Did you know that some faucets don’t completely turn off? The professional plumbing service in Mornington recommend that it can lead to water wastage. When you fix your faucet, you should be able to see that it shuts off completely and is adequately sealed. If not, it’s time for repair or replacement.

There’s nothing more irritating than stepping away from a running faucet and not knowing whether or not they left something on while they’re out. If you have an ample budget, consider installing a new faucet that automatically turns off with a touch of a button, saving your and your family’s time and water.

8. Rust around the spout

If you see rust or corrosion anywhere around your faucet or spout. Corrosion can damage everything from plumbing fixtures to drain pipes and result in leaks and clogs that could flood your kitchen. If you spot rust, address it as soon as possible by contacting a plumber in Mt. Martha and getting an estimate for repair work.

9. Strange Noise

If you hear sounds coming from your pipes, it could be a sign that they are clogged, or there might be some issue related to the faucet. Also, if you see water sprouting out of your faucets and drains, you could have one of these two common problems: a clogged drain or a damaged pipe. The professional plumbing service in Mornington can quickly diagnose what’s wrong and either fix it or help you find a solution for the same.


If you were looking at your sink and saw more than two signs mentioned above, it’s time for you to call us, Mornington Jetting. Our experts are trained and certified to recognise the issue and provide professional plumbing service in Mornington. To avail the best services, ensure hiring us so that you no longer have to face the daunting situation of leaky or faulty faucets. Get in touch with us soon because we are just a call away!

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