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Side bags for college girl

Today the market offers a huge number of side bags for college girl, each of which has its own name and characteristic features.

Tote bag

Tote (carrying bag) – an everyday model of a rectangular shape with a dense frame, equipped with two small handles parallel to each other.

For convenience, it is often supplied with an additional shoulder strap. As a rule, it is devoid of all sorts of fasteners, however, there are exceptions with a zipper.

Shopper side bags for college girl 

Shopper (shopping bag) is a rather large and very roomy model in the shape of a rectangle, with a pair of long handles. Suitable for wearing on the shoulder, in the hand or on the elbow. Made from various soft materials. The top can be loose or fastened with a zipper.

Hobo bag

All kinds of Side bags for college girl: Hobo bag

Hobo (wanderer’s bag) is a soft roomy model in the shape of a semicircle. It is characterized by the presence of one elongated handle, which is a single whole with the body. 

Made from leather, suede, artificial substitute or textile. Inside there is one compartment and a small hanging pocket.

This model is suitable for everyday use. Depending on the material, a hobo bag can harmoniously complement a feminine-romantic, free urban or colorful ethnic look.

One of the options is a hippie bag – a bright model made of wool or fragments of leather and textiles, generously decorated with tassels, beads and fringe.

Messenger bag

Messenger bag (messenger) – a rectangular, square or slightly rounded model with a long shoulder strap, reminiscent of a mail carrier bag. Be sure to have a hinged lid-valve and several internal compartments and pockets.

The color, size and material of the product depend solely on the personal preferences and imagination of the designer.

The messenger can be called a universal accessory, since such a model is appropriate for both business and everyday wardrobe.

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The Tablet bags 

The tablet is a flat square or rectangular model with an adjustable shoulder strap and a zip fastening. Bags can be bright and neutral, patterned and plain. Decoration with embossing, rhinestones, rivets and pendants is allowed.

Materials: leather, textile, quality substitute, nylon.

Tablet bags fit into almost any style of clothing, but they are especially often seen in the arsenal of casual style fans.

Diplomat bag

The diplomat is an official model with a rigid frame made of dense material for carrying documents. It has a short handle and a secure lock. Appropriate only with business attire.

Dome Bag

A dome bag is an accessory with a rounded top resembling a dome. Characteristic details are walls that preserve the internal volume, a flat bottom and two medium-sized handles that can be carried in the hand or on the elbow. Fastened with a zipper on both sides.

Saddle Bag

Types of side bags for college girl: Saddle bag

Saddle bag (saddle) – a small bag of semicircular shape with a lid-valve and a long strap.

Initially, such an accessory was the privilege of cowboys, then hippies appreciated it, and now a saddle bag is present in the arsenal of every fashionista.

A rich selection of models from a variety of materials, complemented by a limitless palette and beautiful decor, allows you to choose an accessory for both everyday use and evening out. And made in restrained colors, such a bag will be appropriate with a strict business suit.

Bucket Bag

Bag-bag – a product of a cylindrical or rectangular shape made of soft material, which is pulled together with a cord in the upper part with the formation of folds. A shoulder strap is required, however, an additional small handle for carrying in the hand or on the elbow may also be present. This accessory is suitable for many styles, but is categorically incompatible with classic outfits.

A bag-bag implies several varieties that have their own distinctive features:

  • A pouch is the smallest version of a soft drawstring bag.

Has one handle or lanyard for carrying in the hand, on the shoulder or on the wrist. Traditional materials – textiles, leather, suede. Embroidery, rhinestones, beads, brushes are used as decor. Used as an addition to the evening dress.

A bucket bag is a cylindrical accessory with an extension at the top and a hard bottom. Such a model confidently holds its shape even in case of incomplete filling. It can have an open top, an inner cover or a decorative clasp. Usually equipped with a small handle and an additional belt.

Bag-sack – has the shape of a regular cylinder, which differs from the previous model. The bottom is round. Includes short handle and long shoulder strap. Soft raw materials are used as the starting material: smooth or textured leather, textiles, suede and even transparent plastic.

Exterior decoration provides for a variety of options: from restrained-laconic to catchy-artsy.

Clutch side bag

A clutch is a small women’s bag designed to be carried in the hands and a bit like a wallet. Can be completed with a wrist loop, chain or belt. Available in several versions:

Envelope – a model of a small format with a triangular lid-valve. When closed, it looks like a sealed envelope. Suitable for both everyday wear and business meetings.

Minaudiere is a miniature model with a rigid frame, an unusual, memorable design and a rich finish. It can imitate a small box, a ball, a cylinder, or have a fantasy shape. Fastens at the top. Handles and straps are not included.

Foldover (transformer clutch) is a soft model designed for use in two versions.

  • When folded, it resembles a small envelope.
  • When unfolded, a fairly roomy bag is obtained, fastened with a zipper. At the fold on the sides, attachments for a shoulder strap or chain are usually provided.

Reticule side bags for college girl

A reticule is a soft model on a rigid frame, reminiscent of an old wallet.

Being a bright addition to evening dresses, such a handbag knows no restrictions in terms of materials and decor.

Tablets side bags

The tablet bag is a small round bag with a long strap and a zipper. Depending on the material, it is suitable for evening looks and dresses in a romantic or casual style.

Boxing side bags for girls

Box bag – an accessory, in the form of a box with a top clasp and a small handle. Depending on the execution, it is suitable for everyday, romantic and evening looks. Materials and colors can be any.

The Chinese box is a compact cubic model. Comes with a small handle or a long strap. It differs from a box bag by a special lid made with a reference to origami. Due to recognition, this model harmoniously complements Asian motifs.

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Basket side bags for college girl

A basket bag is a wicker accessory of any shape and size made of plastic, wicker, straw, jute or paper. Suitable for everyday use and complementing country-style outfits.

There are also roomy models with a picnic cover, which are widely used for their intended purpose.

Satchel bag

Satchel (bag-satchel) – in the classical sense – a bag for books. Slightly reminiscent of a traditional school bag, the satchel has a rectangular shape, a rigid frame, a flat bottom, a small carrying handle, a detachable shoulder strap, and sometimes straps for carrying on the back.

This accessory is made of thick leather or its imitation, usually closed with a valve. Belts for buckles act as decor.

With such bags, you can create elegant business, practical, everyday and even romantic images.

Backpack bags

Backpack – a soft model with a small handle and one or two straps for carrying on the back.

Modern backpacks are divided into three groups:

Specialized. Designed for sports and tourism.

Characterized by lightness, strength and spaciousness.

School. Differ in brightness of a coloring, characteristic design and the special framework adapted to needs of schoolboys.

Urban. Designed for everyday use in a metropolis. Reminiscent of the traditional tourist model, they are distinguished by softer outlines and a rich selection of colors. The design and size are selected according to the needs. Harmoniously combined with clothes in urban, sports and street styles.

Sling side bags

Sling bag – visually resembles a backpack with one strap. Such models are worn on the chest or on the back, thrown over the shoulder.

Weekend bag

Weekender (weekend bag) – a model for trips and short trips. Variant of a travel accessory in casual style. Made from leather or heavy fabric. Equipped with two small soft handles and a comfortable shoulder strap. Such a bag is more capacious than everyday, and more compact and lighter than a suitcase.


A suitcase is a capacious variety of a rectangular travel bag that ensures the safety of contents due to dense walls and a rigid frame. Often used to transport professional equipment and accessories. There are portable and wheeled options.

Sacvoyage side bag

A bag (travel bag) is a large or medium-sized travel bag with a rigid frame, a small handle and a strong clasp. Has several interior compartments and pockets. At the same time, there are more compact everyday accessories of a similar shape.

Duffle bag

Types of side bags for college girls: Duffle bag

Sports bag (duffle) – a model of a cylindrical shape made of soft material with two comfortable handles, long enough to carry the accessory on the shoulder. It is made from canvas or high-quality synthetic materials, which makes the bag lightweight.

Belt Bag

A waist bag (belt bag) is a small accessory made of leather, suede or textile to be worn on the belt that has one or more compartments. Suitable for streetwear and sportswear.

Clutch side bags for college girl

The clutch bag is a 2 in 1 model, which is both a small bag for the necessary little things, and a warm clutch that allows you to warm your hands in bad weather. Made from knitwear, wool and fur. In the latter case, an elegant top is needed in the form of a coat, fur coat or fur vest.

Textile models on a padding polyester will suit sports-style outfits, and knitted clutches can be a good addition to casual sweater dresses and jumpers with jeans.

Baguette bag

A baguette bag is an elongated, but at the same time compact in width and height model with a massive magnetic buckle or with a zipper. It involves wearing on a long thin strap, a short chain or just in the hand.

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