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Shutters On Windows – Everything You Need To Learn

Shutters for windows can be installed to create privacy, reduce sunlight and improve curb appeal. Interior and exterior shutters have their benefits. There are so many options on the market, this guide will cover everything you need before you buy window shutters.

What Are Shutters For Windows?

Both exterior and interior shutters are available for homes at Smarter Outdoors. Interior shutters are window treatments that can replace blinds and curtains. These shutters provide privacy, allow you to control the light in your home, and can be used to enhance the style and design of your home. The type of exterior shutter you choose can increase the energy efficiency of your home, enhance curb appeal, and even give you more privacy.

Difference Between Exterior Shutters And Interior Shutters

Shutters for windows are becoming more popular because of their aesthetic and practical advantages. This article will help you decide which type to purchase.

Exterior Shutters

External shutters are, as their name suggests. They are installed outside your home. You can put decorative shutters in any type of house. There are many styles, designs, and colours available, so you can personalize your home.

Interior Shutters

Because they are installed inside, interior shutters can be controlled more easily to regulate airflow, lighting, privacy, and other aspects. For energy-saving reasons, interior shutters can also be installed. You can save heating costs by installing interior shutters. Shutters are also useful in keeping rooms cool during the summer.

Materials For House Shutters

Shutters for windows should be installed in a way that complements your home’s existing colour scheme. You have the following options:

Wood shutters: These are classic and timeless. Plantation shutters made of wood are the best. Wood can be stained and painted in a variety of ways depending on your personal preferences. Unfortunately, wooden shutters may not be suitable for kitchens or bathrooms because they are not able to withstand moisture and prolonged exposure to water.

Wood composite shutters MDF medium-density fiberboard (MDF), a popular alternative to wooden shutters, is available. MDF shutters can be made from hardwoods or compacted softwoods. They are durable and cost-effective.

Plastic shutters: The best shutter material for protecting your home from moisture and the elements are plastic. Plastic shutters are inexpensive and simple to install.

Storm shutters: Storm shutters are made from steel or aluminium and are great for all types of homes. These shutters can be placed indoors and outside because they are lightweight. Hurricane shutters do not crack, rot, or become warped like wood or plastic shutters. However, they can rust and corrode if not treated.

Exterior Window Shutters

The addition of exterior shutters enhances architectural detail and protects windows from harsh weather. You can choose from the following types of exterior shutters:

Raised Panel

Raised panel shutters resemble kitchen cabinets or doors in that they look almost exactly like them. They are perfect for traditional Colonial, Georgian and Victorian homes.

Board Shutters

Commonly known as “B&B shutters”, board and batten shutters include several boards joined by a panel on the back. B&B shutters take more time to install than other types and are also harder to maintain.

Plantation Shutters

Shutters made from plantation or contemporary shutters are replacing blinds and curtains in many homes. They were originally from the South and were first used in homes on plantations. They feature tilted wooden louvres, which allow for ventilation and light control. Plantation shutters come in many different materials, the most popular being vinyl and MDF. Either hire professionals to install your plantation shutters, or you can do it yourself. You can have plantation shutters custom-built. This will usually cost you more than the shutters that you can buy in a local shop.

Cut-Out Shutters

A good example of custom-exterior shutters is cut-out shutters. They can be raised panelled or board and batten but have a cut-out design. Cut-outs are common and include stars, hearts, palm trees, and palm trees. Prices for cut-out shutters vary depending on their complexity.