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Should You study for AAT qualification for your accounting career?

Whether you’ve been working in accountancy for a few months or have recently changed careers, you should think about how to advance your career. It’s simpler to succeed in this position, as it is in many others in professional services, provided you have the necessary qualifications. This study focused on how an AAT qualification might help you in your career and which stuff is suitable for you.

What is AAT?

AAT is one of the most well-known professional accounting organisations in the world. AAT has 140,000 people in 90 countries, making it a renowned organisation.

After completing your qualification, you may join the AAT and have access to various perks, including networking, CPD opportunities, and certification to manage your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

AAT level 2

The Foundation Certificate is a great place to start learning about accounting concepts. If you wish to work in accountancy as a junior, the AAT qualification is a wonderful start if you have no grasp of the basic theories and procedures.

You may receive your certification in as short as six months (depending on how you study), but most students earn it in a year. The level 2 AAT course examines accounting fundamentals, including double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing concepts, and various accounting software.

There are four tests in the Foundation Certificate, followed by an exam-based synoptic. To receive the full qualification, you must pass each quiz with a minimum score of 70%. AAT student membership, which costs £135 for a year, must take the tests. You will also have to pay roughly £80 for each exam session.

You may look forward to moving into the following sorts of employment after completing this qualification:

  • Assistant in Accounting
  • Accounting Technician Trainee
  • Finance Assistant Trainee
  • Clerk, Sales/Purchase Ledger
  • Admin of Accounts

AAT level 3

After earning your AAT Foundation Certificate, you should consider pursuing the AAT Advanced Diploma. This AAT qualification is comparable to an A-level, an excellent stepping stone into more senior accounting positions. When aiming to move to this certification, it is recommended to have at least a year of work experience in a junior job.

You’ll learn about financial procedures, sophisticated bookkeeping, and the ethical principles that accounting professionals should follow, among other topics.

This qualification consists of four examinations and a synoptic, each requiring a 70% pass rate. You’ll be in a solid position to apply for intermediate accounting and finance employment after finishing this course, such as:

Controller of Credit

Payroll administration

Supervisor of Payroll


Trainee in Auditing

Supervisor of Accounts

Assistant in Taxation

After completing the AAT course, you can apply for AAT associate bookkeeping membership to earn AATQB status. This professional title comes with many perks, including designatory letters, networking opportunities, and CPD opportunities. Depending on how you study your certification, this course usually takes around a year to complete.

AAT level 4

The Professional Diploma in AAT’s highest qualification, encompassing the most sophisticated parts of accounting. This program is for professionals who work in the accounting field and want to specialise in a specific area, such as tax or credit policies.

AAT course begins with the fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping and progresses to completing limited company financial statements. The Level 4 AAT course is an appropriate entry point into accounting and takes three years to finish on average. You must score at least 70% on three necessary tests and two optional exams to obtain this certification. 

While no prior credentials are required to begin this course, possessing an AAT Foundation Certificate and other certifications will guarantee you have the necessary knowledge to succeed. You’ll also have to conduct a synoptic assessment to ensure you don’t have any knowledge gaps. Upon completion of this AAT qualification, you will be qualified for the following job roles:

  • Financial Accountant’s Assistant
  • Manager of Payments and Billing
  • Officer in Charge of Finance
  • Senior Accountant

Study Options

If you want to work in accountancy as a junior, intermediate, or senior, AAT is an excellent place to start. Many AAT-qualified individuals wish to become chartered accountants. Obtaining chartered status takes a few years and should be a carefully considered and planned element of your professional development.

Depending on your career ambitions, you can seek ACCA or CIMA qualifications if you wish to continue your studies further than the Advanced Diploma Level 4. CIMA Certificate and ACCA Applied Knowledge units will not be required of you. It enables you to pursue optional CIMA and ACCA certifications in the future, depending on your professional goals.

A CIMA Diploma in Accounting will provide you with a comprehensive grasp of management accounting and a better awareness of corporate strategy, allowing you to pursue various senior positions.

If you’re interested in tax and auditing, another option you may take following AAT is to become an ACCA member. You might pursue the ACCA Professional qualification, similar to a master’s degree and qualifies you for advanced positions like a personal banker or financial analyst.

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