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Should You Buy Acoustic-Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

Are you interested in learning to play the guitar but unsure whether to purchase an acoustic-electric or acoustic guitar?

When choosing between two comparable but distinct products, it is better if you ask yourself a question to help you decide. What are your plans for it? It would give you a fair idea of which of the two products is more suited for you after answering this question. But in reality, there is a lot more to it than that in this case. Even after you’ve made your decision, other factors come into play. This comprehensive guide will explain the key distinctions between the two.

What is the major difference between the two?

The sound of a standard acoustic guitar is amplified acoustically without the help of any gadget or device. An acoustic electric guitar, on the other hand, contains an electronic pickup that may be connected to an acoustic amp, mixer, or PA system. EQ/volume controls and a built-in tuner are included with this type of guitar.

Can you still amplify an acoustic guitar?

Even though it lacks built-in amplification and electrics, you can still use external amplification sources to amplify an acoustic guitar. There are two major methods for acoustic guitar amplification. The easiest way is by putting a microphone.

The most prevalent position is by putting it over the soundhole. But the most efficient position is by the 12th fret. But not too close to the instrument. Some like to set the mic above the body, pointing down, or mic the lower right-hand corner of the guitar for a lower sound which is perfect for live performances and recording.

Acoustic Guitar
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Can you play your electric acoustic like a regular guitar?

An acoustic guitar may function as both an acoustic and an electric guitar. However, is the other way around also possible? The truth is that an electro-acoustic works in the same way as a standard acoustic, amplifying sound through the body’s chamber and soundhole.

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. It is built and shaped similarly to an Acoustic. Without hooking up in an amplifier, the volume and sound will be provided by the body chamber and the soundhole.

Is it better to plug in electric-acoustic?

 The answer to this is a resounding yes. After all, that is why they were created. If someone claims that an acoustic-electric instrument sounds better when it is not amplified, they are essentially contradicting the purpose of the creation of acoustic-electrics

Are electric acoustics more versatile?

Electric-acoustic guitars provide a lot of sounder options, thanks to the external amp, which allows the guitar to have a broader sound because of the electrical amplification, you can add effects like reverb, chorus delay, or a digital multi-effect pedal to an electro-acoustic tone. Furthermore, the built-in tuner allows for simple tuning adjustments without the need for a tuner pedal, saving you money.

Despite their differences, both guitars are incredible instruments that serve their respective roles. Regardless of which you choose, both will allow you to play something remarkable.

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