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Should Boxes be ready before the Local Movers Arrive?

You have chosen the participative move with the help of local movers. Yet you ask yourself questions about the preparation of your boxes. Do you have to prepare them yourself? Wait for the movers? When to start making boxes? And how to make your boxes well? What volume will the boxes take? This article answers you and advises you.

Prepare your boxes before the move

The principle of participatory moving is that you participate in the move while benefiting from the supervision and skills of professional local movers. However, the preparation of the boxes is your responsibility (Oh damn, I thought I could cut it!). The reason is simple: if the movers pack your boxes, it is no longer a participatory move, but a classic movie! You have an option “Packing/unpacking fragile and non-fragile objects” if you wish.

Packing your boxes takes a long time, and local service only lasts one or two days depending on the distance to be covered to move you… Your boxes must therefore be ready to be picked up to meet this deadline. This is also what allows us to offer you an advantageous rate: don’t forget that the more you participate, the more you save.

However, nothing prevents you from asking your friends for help to pack your boxes before the move, ad pack your last things on D-Day. That’s also participatory moving!

What to do with fragile objects?

The other aspect of getting Local services is to help you move safely thanks to the use of professional equipment (covers, blankets, straps, etc.), advice to avoid injury, and if you wish… packing your fragile items.

If you choose to add the “Fragile objects” option to your moving quote, the local movers will pack these objects themselves and unpack them at their destination. This is the guarantee by Trend Movers know-how to wrap and protect your crystal trinkets or Aunt Amelie’s ugly porcelain service from breaking! The other boxes will remain in your care (Re-damn!!!). Without this option, you will have to pack your fragile items yourself.

Our advice for preparing your moving boxes

Preparing your boxes well is simple, provided you organize yourself a little. Here are some tips to make your boxes like a pro (or almost):

Start your boxes 6 to 8 weeks before the move. This time is to be modulated according to the surface of your accommodation. Take the opportunity to sort!

Make a checklist of boxes to prepare and set a deadline

Pack everything that will not be used before the move: books, crockery… Forget the down jacket and boots if you are moving in August!

Choose boxes of various sizes (large for clothes, small for books, etc.). Also think about specific boxes, such as barrels for dishes. Don’t forget their friends with tape and bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper to wrap and protect everything.

Note: Are you looking for free boxes? Check with merchants in your area. Pharmacy, florist, supermarket… Just ask nicely!

Do not overfill your boxes: distribute the loads to spare your back and facilitate transport.

Indicate on your boxes their destination room, number them or use a color code with stickers (the famous stickers!). These will appeal to children a lot and will make them want to prepare their boxes themselves.

Leave your boxes open until the last moment, it will be easier to add a forgotten object. Also, provide a box for your last personal effects.

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