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Familiar beauty products such as serums Even as a skin care alternative that many people use. But did you know that serums and skin creams are common? What’s the difference? See that it is a product that has a variety of properties. Whether it’s a clear formula anti-aging formula The formula keeps the skin looking youthful. or any other formula Let’s get to know this product a bit more. with features that will help girls Better get rid of the doubt

Note : Before using skin care products , you should wash your face by facial foam facelabs

The product gently clean your face.

what is serum

Serum is a skin care product with a very small molecule size. The texture is sparse. It looks like a clear liquid. May be cloudy including various colors according to the ingredients and extracts used The serum is characterized by the concentration of active ingredients, which are effective in helping to deeply rejuvenate the skin. with the use of only 2-3 drops

At present, there are various formulas of skin serum products. Especially the facial serum So that each person chooses to use according to their own skin type. Helps to solve problems more precisely, such as serums for clear skin, reduce dark spots, reduce wrinkles, tighten pores, etc.

Face serum benefits

The benefits of using a serum are Serum texture that can be absorbed into the skin quickly. It has the ability to deal with skin problems that are deeper than the epidermis layer, such as dull skin tone. and deep wrinkles It also helps the skin to be smooth with nutrients that are components in a variety of serums to help rejuvenate the skin. make the skin more radiant also the molecules are small So it is easily absorbed into the skin. Make the skin benefit to the fullest. So if anyone is facing a difficult skin problem to solve. Let’s turn to this special edition product. Rest assured that these problems will go away. It also adds a glow to the young woman’s skin to look beautiful and radiant as well.

How is “serum” different from “cream”?

Although both serums and creams are responsible for helping to nourish the skin. It has different properties. Knowing this will help us sort the use of facial care products correctly. To make skin care more effective enough.

– Serum : is a concentrated nourishment. Absorbs into the skin quickly, light, use a small amount. Solve problems and restore the skin on the spot Focus on nourishing the skin from the inside. penetrates deeply through the skin Serum products are quite expensive.

– Cream : has a texture that is heavier than a serum. Solve overall skin problems outer skin care keeps moisture does not dry out the skin May require a large amount to nourish the face. But most creams are less expensive than serums.

how to use serum

For those who want to turn to this product. But I wonder how the serum works? When to use it for best results Can men use it? The answer is that no matter women, men or gender, you can use skin serums to take care of your skin. The way to use it is very easy. Just know the sequence of steps to use. You can nourish your face as follows.

1. Clean your face to prepare your skin.

Call it the most important step that should not be overlooked. After bathing, you should wash your face to remove any remaining dirt. After that, gently wipe clean the face. to open pores Do not rub too hard which in the process that the skin is moisturized is best skin preparation At this stage, nourishing essence can also be used to restore skin cells.

2. Start applying the serum on the face.

Using a serum while the skin is moisturized It helps the nutrients penetrate deeper into the skin’s inner layers than when the skin is dry. by squeezing the serum from the tube To be the size of a pea, just 2-3 drops, then use fingertips to spread over the face. Starting from the center of the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks on both sides, gently massage to spread the serum over the face and neck.

3. Apply moisturizer or other skin care

After applying the serum, you should wait 5 minutes for the nutrients to penetrate into the inner skin. and then apply moisturizer which many people may confuse Always remember that “Apply the serum before the moisturizer” because the serum is the lightest. The moisturizer is more concentrated. It will help lock the moisture of the skin layer. or whether to use any type of nourishing cream and skin care It should be applied to the body with a heavy cream after the order. for the most effective maintenance

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