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Secret Messages link

Would you like to unwittingly investigate other people’s observations?

You will learn the truth in one step. Frankly, I get secret messages from my co-workers. Find out your strengths, weaknesses, and what people think of you. Know the truth, not hypocrisy, develop your character.

Now it’s pretty clear what Secret Message Link for Social Media Fun is. You can now link to secret messages and share with friends to receive anonymous compliments from wishes, lovers, friends and family members.

What is the link to the secret message?

The Secret Messages link allows you to receive messages anonymously from your friends. You discover your strengths and areas for improvement while receiving serious, constructive feedback from colleagues and friends.

Secret message link

Secretmessagelink is an interactive hidden message game where you can get compliments from friends, family and loved ones while protecting your privacy.

Anyone who knows only your username can send you private, anonymous messages on social networks. We encourage you to share your unique profile link with everyone you love and care about.

You can share calls and ask them to answer calls, not just them, but anyone on your social media contact list.

This way you can see what people think of you in general. Ask your friends to join the platform and send them a unique link to praise them anonymously.

Whether it’s shameful or generally closed-minded to compliment someone, you can always use the power of anonymity in front of others on our platform and use it to send and receive anonymous compliments and texts.

Suggestions and compliments from friends and acquaintances should be appreciated. Received messages can be shared by status/history using the share button at the bottom of the message. You can share the secret message you received by going to the Share page and following the instructions.

You can archive messages by clicking Archive Messages in the More Options section under the messages you want to archive.

If you believe you have received an inappropriate message, you can “report” it at any time.

When you share a secret message, it will be sent to your designated support team for verification. If a message is found to violate our Terms of Service, the sender of the message will not have access to the system.

Why use links to secret social entertainment messages?

Our anonymous messaging has many great features along with an improved interface and user experience. Reduce mobile ads, etc.

How to link secret messages to Facebook profile?

Private links allow anyone to send anonymous messages without revealing their identity.

Would you like to receive encrypted messages from your friends by adding a secret message link to your Facebook profile?

Connecting to a secret message is simple.

  • Open in your mobile browser.
  • Enter your full name in the blank text box and click “Create Link”.
  • Save your user ID and PIN in the Notes app or take a screenshot of the page. This is required to access secret messages.
  • Click “Click to Copy” to copy the generated link.

You can now add the copied link to your Facebook profile.

  • Open the Facebook app and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • Click View Profile or Display Name.
  • Click “Edit General Data”.
  • Scroll down and click Add next to Connection.
  • Click Add Site.
  • Paste the copied link and hit “Done” on your keyboard.
  • Click the Save icon at the top to save your changes.

You can now see the link to the secret message in your profile. Anyone who taps the link to open it can send an anonymous secret message. You can follow these messages on the previous page where you linked the link in your browser. If the page is logged out, you can use your saved or screenshots of your credentials to view your inbox.