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Saturday Sweets: 2017 Art Basel Chrome Hearts

Now that Art Basel 2017 has here, fun pop-ups have suddenly appeared throughout the city. We have an Art Basel experience designed just for you if you have a sugar craving!

Co-owner Laurie Lynn Stark wanted Chrome Hearts Dress in the Design District to be a location where fashion and art met. The business is dynamic in that it may alter throughout the year and reinvents itself every year in honor of Art Basel Miami Beach.
This year, Chrome Hearts will spread the idea that “love heals and imagination is powerful” through its retail location, which will include an original “Chrome Hearts Candy” café concept, limited-edition items, an upstairs gallery, and models like Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. Curated by Theo Narcho’s of the 6817 Gallery in Los Angeles as well as all of the brand’s signature “Objects of Desire.”

The candy-colored confectioner’s store was filled with special candies and featured artwork created by young artists. Visitors can choose from artisanal candies crafted especially for Art Basel that include Chrome Hearts designs and the most recognizable images from their portfolio. The outdoor café garden will serve artisanal coffee, tea, specialty cookies from Bake ology, and other goodies.

The Instagram-friendly, immersive retail location will have the following highlights:

Great Wall is based on the theme of Miami from an outside perspective – the raw streets, the intense club culture, and the unpredictable tropical weather – all evoking a ferocity of perception. It is a fifteen-foot tall living garden overflowing with native flora that is part of the “this time, this place” group exhibition featuring works from artists like Harmony Korine, Andy Warhol, and Richard Prince.
Chrome Hearts has collaborated with Miami’s David Gutman to further the company’s “make yourself at home” concept. Gutman is off-site but yet intimately connected to Chrome Hearts Hoodies essence. Custom boat interiors and accessories, such as pillows, towels, and artwork created by artist Matt Giacomo, are featured as part of this unique combination between Chrome Hearts and David Gutman’s hallmark lifestyle experience, “Groot.”decorate the hull’s outside.

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