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Salient Features of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Tourism is the finest way to seek peace and discover the untold stories of nature. Tourists travel long distances to see the wonders and popular places of the world. And the United Arab Emirates with its beautiful and mesmerizing cities is the hub of tourism. Especially Abu Dhabi which ranked second among the most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates is the favorite tourist destination for people around the globe. Its spectacular skyscrapers, incredibly delightful hotels, and natural parks bound the tourists to its glamor and they visit it again and again.

The list of famous tourist spots in Abu Dhabi is incomplete without mentioning the desert safari. Away from the stressful and busy city life, this desert land is a hub of peace,  adventures, and natural elegance. Visitors can get a kick out of the thrill and action-packed activities. Desert safari Abu Dhabi provides numerous adventures, fun, and memorable moments to all types of people. Moreover, its stunning landscapes and mesmerizing panoramas during sun rises and sunset provides a great opportunity to capture some wonderful photographs.

Let’s explore the specifications that make the Abu Dhabi desert Safari popular around the world.

Mesmerizing Landscapes

Mysterious panoramas and natural landscapes of Abu Dhabi desert safari are the purest portals to inner peace. Regardless of the morning or evening desert safari, you can witness a lot of natural beauty in the lap of hot glittering sand. Shifting of sand with fast-moving wind creates a simply awesome landscape that can take your heart and leave you stunned. Beautiful sunrise and sunset sceneries are the perfect piece of natural art to bless your eyes.

People travel long distances to capture these mesmerizing moments. Professional photographers love to show their photographic skills and play with nature from different angles. Beautiful photographs with your friends and family in front of these breathtaking landscapes provide you with the most beautiful memories of your life.

Thrilling and Funny Camel Ride

How it’s possible that we discussed the salient features of desert safari and not mentioned the most interesting camel ride. Camel is the signature animal of deserts and is known as the airplane of deserts around the globe. And the thrilling camel ride is the traditional adventure of desert safari in Abu Dhabi. The camels dressed up with colorful and attractive objects give a wave of pleasure and enjoyment in capturing these moments.

You can explore regional trees, traditional houses, and wildlife of the desert in this 30-45 minutes camel ride. The riding guide provides you with all the information about all the things you noticed during the ride. Camel ride photography is great fun that produces unique memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Action and Adventure

Abu Dhabi desert safari is home to adventure and thrill-seekers. It provides countless opportunities to explore the mystery of desert land. Quad biking is an ultimate source of pleasure and satisfaction for bike riders to ride the bike in the deep gravels of sand like a pro.

Dune bashing in a land cruiser is a full pack of action and entertainment. 4×4 vehicles running at maximum speed and leaving behind a heavy storm of dust is worth enjoying and capturing these historic moments.

Abu Dhabi desert safari also offers bungee rides, sand boarding, and many more to make your trip memorable.

Traditional Music and Dance

Abu Dhabi desert safari is a gateway to the history and traditional values of Arabian life. The campsite of desert safari is a full pack of entertainment that enables you to witness Arab culture. You can enjoy traditional folk music and dance performances with sheesha and other Arabian drinks. The famous belly dance and live performances of Tanura dance are the peak of entertainment to enjoy with your friends or family.

Appetizing Meals

Different food corners in the campsite of desert safari are also worth visiting this place and experiencing traditional Arabic food. Different Arabic cuisines with a blend of spices and a wide range of juicy barbecue items are a perfect delight after an exciting and thrilling day under the hot sun.

You can also enjoy the Traditional tea and coffee of Arabs. Water and different soft drinks are also available here.


All these features make Abu Dhabi desert safari to visit at least once and cherish some amazing and memorable moments with your loved ones.

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