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Redo Your House in a Royal, Luxurious Way

Everyone wants to have a well-decorative, attractive, and beautiful house. People apply several styles to renovate their houses like contemporary styling, vintage look, wooden aesthetics, etc. One of the styles that would enhance the overall appearance of your house is the royal luxurious look. Ultimately the design of your home depends on your personal tastes and preferences, however, by implementing small elements and combinations within your house you can elevate its style and deliver big on comfort, quality, and sophistication and add desirability to your dream residency. This post on luxury home design tips is for people looking to add elegance and luxury to their homes.

Simplicity Speaks Volumes

People often think that adding several articles to their houses would make them look good, however, simplicity speaks volumes. You don’t have to pile up your selves and tables with several items to make your house look lavish. Put less but whatever you put should be a quality item. Simplifying your space can give your home a classy look. Today’s art style focuses on “Less is More”.

Layered Lighting

Warm lights always give a more royal look to the house. Wall lights are now being replaced by table lamps, floor lamps, fairy lights, pendant lights, and hanging chandeliers which add elegance and class to your living space. Candles and candle lamps are also important articles that people use to beautify their areas. Lighting is one of the most essential concepts in space, and people often overlook it thus bringing the whole ambience of their houses down.


What type of furniture you have in your house matters a lot to the outlook of your house. To give your house a royal look you have to opt for comfortable yet elegant furniture. Pillows and cushions of various sizes can instantly make a home feel more inviting. The use of appropriate colour combinations is also something to work upon. Royal looks often incorporate dark colours like purple, magenta, maroon, reds, bottle green, royal blue, etc. along with a touch of gold or silver and white. Invest in good quality fabrics like velvet, linen or suede to upholster your furniture.

Metallic Touch

The Royal look is incomplete without giving it a metallic touch. Add small metallic frames on the walls, or go for metallic decoration pieces for the tables. Consider gold, bronzes, copper or silver hues and incorporate them in cushions, lamps, accent walls, lighting fixtures, or centrepieces, but do not overdo it. Even your kitchen and bathroom accessories, if done in a classy metallic way, can add much sophistication to your house. You can look for gold taps at Wellsons to incorporate that luxurious look into your spaces.

Add Textures and Drapes

Do not hesitate to mix and match several textures to your house. Interior designers often recommend incorporating a variety of woods, glass, metals, and woven materials to create a collective look. Make your curtains blowy and breezy that touch the floor, and add a rug to your seating area. Fashion drapes over the sofas to give a finished look.

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