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Recommended Doggie Toys To Keep Your Pup Active

“I want to work like a dog, doing what I was born to do with joy and purpose. I want to play like a dog, with total, gleeful abandon.”–  Oprah Winfrey.

A playful and happy dog will always cheer you up. The contagious nature of happy and jolly puppies leaves us no choice but to play with them. But sometimes, it is hard to keep up with their energy, and that’s when we give them toys to play with. Not only is this helpful to keep it busy, but it also helps them get to exercise without needing to impose it on your dog. 

It is overwhelming to choose a suitable toy for your dog. Unlimited options exist depending on your dog’s age, size, and activeness. When choosing toys for your dog, it’s essential to look for the suitable material and type. Some toys are designed for puppies, and some are for adult doggies. Learn about material allergies by consulting Casa Canine.

Always choose toys that are not sharp and hard to protect your dog from any mishap. Following are some cool dog toys to choose for your dog: 

Round Toys for your Furry Friend 

Starting from the basics, we have a tennis ball. Tennis balls are interactive, lightweight, and chewable. It’s not suitable for dogs because it’s full of toxins. 

But we have alternatives. There are multiple options on the market for your dog. Balls 

Dogs are now advanced and come in a lot of varieties. The most common types are: 

Interactive Balls: 

These balls come in bright colors and super bouncy material. The idea is simple: keep the dog’s attention on the ball by simultaneously making it super attractive and interactive. The ball bounces off like crazy, and it is hard for a dog to keep up with its movement. That’s this ball makes a good exercise tool for your dog. The material is also dog friendly; your dog can grab it, chew it, and lick it without you getting worried for their health. 

Some balls come with a jingle sound, making the ball interactive. Metal pieces inside the balls produce that sound. The sound makes it easy for the dog to follow and fetch. 

But it is advised to use these jingle balls after getting approval from your vet, as the metal pieces can harm your dog’s teeth. 

Treat Balls: 

Treat balls are a treat for your dog, and it’s like playing and getting rewards. The idea of exercise and food doesn’t always align for humans, but it has come together for the dog.

 These balls are made of squishy materials like silicone and nylon and come with a hollow body. The hollow body of the ball is used to insert treats for the dog. The holes made to put the treats also ooze the treats when the dog is playing with the ball. 

You can put bite-size cookies, chocolates, or anything your dog likes inside the ball. This ball makes your dog wants to play more often and keeps them active and healthy. 

Make Feeding a Fun Experience 

It is always good to learn something while doing routine work, and what’s the best time to learn anything than eating time? 

An interactive feeder is a concept that works on the same eating and playing principle, and the idea is to engage your dog’s brain while eating. 

It is also a perfect solution for those pups who eat in a hurry. Fast eating can hurt their stomach and increase their chances of getting choked on food. 

This feeder is a good thing for dogs who are mentally very active. Intelligent dogs can get bored quickly, and that is why they need this bowl. This bowl will engage them while they are getting their nourishment. 

Stuff Toys:

From human babies to dog babies, every creature loves stuffed toys. The soft and squishable material of stuffed toys makes them universally adorable. 

Some dogs like to hop around, chew on things, and chase balls. But some dogs are meant to be cuddled. They need your time, affection, and hugs. But you can not always give them what they want? That’s why there are stuffed toys. 

Stuffed, warm, and soft toys are for dogs who like to sit comfortably, cuddled, and cozy. These toys come in warm and fuzzy material to keep up with the warmth to make your furry friend calm and peaceful. 

Oral Health for your Bone-lover Dog 

Dogs love chewing on a bone, and it’s not a secret. But chewing bones is not suitable for oral health, and their teeth can become brittle and even fall off. 

So what can we do to avoid this hazard? Buy them a chewable bone. Teething solutions are for dogs that need something organic to chew. 

Chew toys are typically made up of maple wood. Maple wood gives them a flavor and non-toxic material to chew on while keeping their teeth clean. These chew bones clean their mouth thoroughly,  remove plaque and dirt from teeth,m and freshen their breath.  

These maple wood-made chew bones are soft and safe to consume. The chew bones often come in flavors. 

Word of caution, while your dog is chewing on these artificial bones, keep an eye on them. Sometimes the dogs can get aggressive with the bone and chew a piece of it, and broken parts can be stuck in their throat or create stomach issues after engulfing them. 


As a dog parent, everyone wants the best for their furry family. But sometimes, searching for the perfect thing for your dog can become stressful. That’s when you should use Casa Canines to make it less stressful for you. 

Whatever you choose for your dog, make sure it is safe to use and authorized by FDA. Make sure your dog is comfortable using the things you choose for them. This way, you will not only save your dog from getting hurt but will also save yourself some time and money. 

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