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Purpose of the Vacuum Pressure Regulator

Vacuum control and keep the pressure through the use of input and output ports that allow the use of higher pressure air or session as necessary. Vacuum switch machines and vacuum pressure regulator operate under similar principles but the controller will not allow the air in the process line, the vacuum grinding machine will depend on this application, it can mean more energy costs to erase the antenna and adjust The system pressure.

Vacuum Pressure Control Machine:

The air ratio establishes the standard for electronic control with vacuum pressure valves and vacuum pressure regulators. Most of our pressure control products can be used for both positive pressure and vacuum pressure. Many of these devices can be used to control the vacuum through pressure more on the same device. This does not require multiple controls in some applications.

Types of Vacuum Regulators:

Vacuum pressure control and vacuum switching machines are used to keep the pressure inside the system. But each person uses different mechanical principles to achieve this goal. The mechanical vacuum pressure regulator is designed to control the pressure through the port of entry. While vacuum control regulator or control of vacuum switch machine through the output port

Mechanical Regulators:

The mechanical vacuum pressure regulator of the vacuum pump depends on the principle of strong equilibrium. The internal pressure will be relieved by opening the port of the inlet and allowing the air to increase the voltage of the port. Close to reduce system voltage and increase the vacuum level.

The springs of the negative pressure regulator are placed between vacuum processes and port ports, which causes the diaphragm to expand and contract with the spring. Spring is concise to ensure that the movement of the diaphragm will launch or restrict the gas flow automatically as necessary to maintain adequate pressure within the system.

Vacuum Switching Machine:

The vacuum switch machine or precision vacuum regulator also uses the diaphragm mechanism that is packaged but the pressure will be controlled through the output port instead of the inlet port, the vacuum switch will adjust the pressure in the system by opening The port to increase the pressure of the application and reduce the level of vacuum.

The diaphragm that is loaded in spring works in a similar manner to a mechanical vacuum pressure regulator. When the voltage in the system decreases and the vacuum increases the diaphragm mechanism, uses the pressure to the electronic vacuum regulator valve through the piston. Open the valve and help the air more. When the pressure of the system increases, the diaphragm will collapse the pressure on the piston. And the valve will turn off so that the system pressure decreases again.

What can Vacuum Control?

Vacuum regulators control the pressure inside the system in a more powerful vacuum pressure regulator valve. Spring diaphragm mechanism that is packed in the spring, the airflow of the pump or the external environment to control the internal pressure that is better. Adjustable vacuum regulators allow the operator to ensure that the system operates under adequate pressure all the time without the need for normal intervention.

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