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Purpose of Keyword Research and How to Choose the Right One

Most consumers search Google to research the products or services before purchase. The on-page SEO services put the phrases or the keywords to find the associated results. If your brand does not belong to the top rank, it would not be possible to generate much traffic and leads. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right keywords for the best possible conversion and know which keywords are the best to lead your business ahead. 

The article guides the readers in choosing the right keywords for SEO and when you require an SEO Company India to implement the strategies with excellence. The core intent is to generate a high volume of targeted traffic to your online business site. It will help if you go through the article to learn about the most effective tips and techniques for selecting the right keywords.

1. Research Search Intent

Search Intent enables one to recognize the keyword types to select based on the search programs. They are categorized into three types:

  1. Navigational – when the users try to find another website page
  2. Informational – when the users research a specific topic
  3. Commercial – when the users intend to buy an item or service

You need to think like your consumer to choose the right keywords and understand the differences between these three keyword categories. Ideally, you need to offer content on all three areas to implement an entire CTA (Call-to-Action). 

2. Have a Clear Idea of Keyword Types

Know about three keyword types: 

  1. Head keywords
  2. Body keywords
  3. Long-tail keywords.

Head keywords are usually one or two words that Google matches with millions of pages. Body keywords are a little longer, comprising two to three words. Long-tail keywords consist of more than four words. Consumers have learned how to use the keywords while searching. It is more productive to focus on the long-tail keywords.

3. Use Keyword Planner Tools

One of the most effective techniques for choosing the right keywords is to acquire a complete knowledge of where to begin the research. The Keyword Planner tool by Google is a free tool to check which keywords work and which don’t. You can create an account and enter the key phrase and check it. The agency suggests related phrases with similar traffic counts. You can leverage the suggested keywords to strengthen your search engine optimization strategy.

4. Filter Your Keywords with LSI 

Google uses LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to produce relevant results through the context. The search engine interprets what you mean through your keywords. The autocomplete menu shows different results based on your keywords as you start typing your phrases in Google. It happens as Google detects the other possibilities of your long-tail keywords. You can use the semantic keywords suggested by Google to refine and boost your keywords list. As Google has identified these keywords significantly, you can use them in your favor. 

5. Assess the Competition 

Another considerable way to find the best keywords is by searching your competitors’ websites. There are several paid tools to analyze traffic on every kind of website. You can use such tools to understand your competitors’ ranking position and use your research to boost your strategy. This is why many companies hire professionals to implement the research process.

6. Right Match between Keywords & Content 

Adding the right keywords to your content is one of the crucial jobs to be done to make your company rank at the top. Many business websites focus only on keyword stuffing into the content rather than incorporating the right fit keywords.

Google successfully identifies the spam-filled pages and removes them or ranks them in low order. It is essential to blend the right keywords and phrases into the content. Or else all your hard work will be nothing but a waste of time. Matching the right image with the right content can result in a massive success for the companies in terms of Google ranking order. A find website copy, influential blogs, and articles can help your website rank high.

7. Link with the Landing Page

Companies need to optimize the website landing pages and link the keywords to make them work. Landing pages showcase the targeted content. Therefore it is essential to optimize them and connect them to your keyword selection. The keywords need to match the page title, heading, and alt image tags. 

It is essential to emphasize your landing page while selecting the keywords. An optimized landing page enables the company to rank high on Google and act as the beginning point for sales.

To Conclude,

Choosing the most right fit keywords plays a crucial role in business website ranking. You can run the research yourself, but it will take time, expertise, and effort to reach the objective. Moreover, you may fail in your first few initiatives as well. Therefore, hiring the best SEO Services Agency is preferred to rank on the first page. 

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