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Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

The Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) has approved the provision of global accessibility to all Land Record Centers in Punjab for the ease of citizens.

Ali Raza Butter, an official of PLRA, informed this scribe that this gain access would certainly assist individuals in obtaining land files [Fard] in the future, and this service will certainly also conserve time and travel. You can get Punjab land record authority appointment online.

“The major objective of this center is that a person who lives in Lahore and has landed in Jahanian will certainly no longer need to go to Jahanian to get his land documents; instead, she or he will obtain these records from the Land Document Center in Lahore or any facility in Punjab.”

“The charge established by the authority for the procurement of Fard is RS 500 as well as it has not yet been made a decision how much cost the recipients of global gain access to will certainly pay as just the accessibility to this service has been approved until now, however, when this service will be launched, there will certainly be numerous rules concerning its costs and documents,” he educated.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

Butter is even more educated that Chairman PLRA Sardar Ahmad Ali Khan Dareshak has also accepted the solution framework for the authority staff.

On the other hand, other PLR authorities, speaking on condition of anonymity, notified that the approval of the solution framework was a very independent decision. Nothing was decided for the welfare of the personnel.

“We have organized several demonstrations when traveling for the authorization of the solution structure. The objective of these protests was to build our service framework and regularize the team.

However, in the service structure approved by the Chairman, the authority desires staff to work with a three-year agreement and come back the contract after that. That is, the authority workers have to work in agreement till the age of retired life. In addition, the service framework does not state any pensions, nor does it ensure work safety,” he stated.

An additional PLRA official informed that the authority’s board intentionally chose to make certain the eradication of Patwari society.

“Regardless of the modern-style authority as well as its modern system, the obliteration of corruption has not yet been ensured particularly the personnel published at the Land Record Centers are still taking care of the people in the design of Patwaris as well as frequently the authority workplace gets grievances from individuals that they [staff] are forcing the public to pay bribes.

Some authority officials desire these people not to be regularized in their work to make sure that they remain in threat of being fired for corruption. By doing so, the staff will certainly focus only on their job and not on taking bribes,” he believed.

Butter, nevertheless, said that this was not the instance; however, the authorization of the service framework was targeted at the team’s well-being and that the authority had taken a far better step to meet their [personnel] long-standing needs.

“As a result of the professional ladder and advancement structure, promotion from Course IV staff members to management officers has been linked to academic certifications, yearly performance, training, and departmental examinations.

Performance-based rewards for staff of the Land Document Center were also authorized and accepted by the Chairman of the PLRA Board. All the 5200 Dahi Markaz Malls across Punjab have also been stated as Land Document Centers to supply digital land document services to the public,” Butter kept.