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Pull Off a Swimsuit in Style: Look Thinner & Look cool.

Who doesn’t love going to beaches and having fun with friends and family? But many are not comfortable wearing the bikini or even the one-piece as they have stretch marks or are out of shape. It can be frustrating as swimsuits aren’t designed for everyone, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ swimwear. Some cancel their beach vacation for the same reason and wait for months or a year to get in shape and finally go to the beach.

If you face the same issue, don’t worry—the article will list seven ways to look thinner and fabulous wearing a swimsuit if you follow these tips. These tips include wearing darker colours like navy blue, dark brown, violet, or a black swimsuit and using accessories/clothes to hide certain body parts. If you are on board with these ideas, read on.

Tips to look slimmer in the swimsuit:

Choose the swimsuit wisely.

This is the basics of looking good in a swimsuit. Different people have different body shapes, and your body shape is way different from your friends. Do not just blindly buy whatever they are buying, and look for the swimsuits that suit you. Your body will look stunning if you find that one perfect swimsuit. And confidence does play a role in making you look great overall, i.e., working on your posture and learning to stand without lunching over—maintaining a great body posture will automatically increase your attractiveness.

Choose dark shades

You must have heard about this trick before, that dark colours help create an illusion of you looking thinner. When you wear navy blue, dark brown, olive green, maroon, violet, or a black swimsuit, your body will look slim from the sides and front as well. It is not a big secret but deserves a spot on this list.

Get sarongs and wraparounds.

A beautiful cover-up or a wrap complementing your beachwear will be a great option. These cover-ups will give a look of an informal yet amazing slimming effect. These are better than wearing a loose t-shirt, which will do nothing to make you look slimmer.

Pick ruffles, colour blocking, and bright shades

The benefit of wearing this kind of swimwear is that you can get people to look precisely at the place you want them to. It’ll help take away their attention from the places with not-so-good features. Strategically placing the nets and ruffles will make an illusion of a larger bust, drawing eyes up away from other areas.

Splashy prints or tiny patterns

When you have bigger prints or patterns, the visual effects are opposite to what you want. When the swimsuit has small patterns, your body looks slimmer.

A black swimsuit with tiny patterns will be more effective to make you look in shape or slim.

Stripes are great

The stripes are good at distracting the eyes from observing the body shape, especially the zig-zag stripes will do the job better. Colourful stripes on darker swimwear are the best option for a beach trip. If the designs are catchy, you can direct all attention towards the places you want.

Bold is beautiful

If your goal is to flaunt your skin without the help of a bikini, choose a bodysuit with a proper fit, the right colour, and a plunging neckline. It is known to make one feel comfortable and fit. Never feel shy to show off some skin in a one-piece, even if you gained a little weight recently.

These tips will surely help you look slimmer on the beach day and be carefree.