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Proper Grease and Lubrication Are Essential

Due to the increasing number of activities in the industries, industrial equipment needs to be extremely durable and resistant. Their durability and reliability depend entirely on the industrial designs used in the production processes. They can be either the ball screws or the rollers. Industrial designs are susceptible to erosion, corrosion, and rusting as well as pitting and skewing. For equipment to be reliable, it is important to lubricate and grease properly. For long-lasting machinery, there are many industrial grease suppliers that offer high-quality products.

These techniques make it much easier for engineers to use these tools to maintain equipment. Another alternative is oil. It is mostly used as a lubricant. Oil has the properties of free-flowing and can fight off heat generation. This makes equipment most suitable for high-speed production.

When applied to rolls, or ball-screwing, lubrication will impart properties like less frictions due to metal-to-metal contact, greater heat transportation due to lower friction, longer equipment life, prevention from harmful corrosions and rusting, and most importantly, protection from foreign contamination.

Regular greasing and oiling are essential for avoiding any production issues and maintaining proper bearing function. Both greasing, as well as lubrication, are believed to improve the shelf life of the equipment and the bearing reliability.

Some advantages come with some disadvantages. There are several pitfalls that you should be aware of when using lubrication provided by oil manufacturers.

Grease and oil have different properties that suit various applications. As a result, selecting the proper lubricant is critical.

It is vital to use the right amount of oil or grease. The use of too much or little lubricant will slow down the process and will also affect metal-to-metal contact. This can have a negative impact on the industry’s ability to continue its activities.

Mixing oil and grease should be avoided. There are many oils and greases that have different benefits. Mixing them will cause their properties to be lost and they won’t be of any value.

Avoid allowing oils or grease to get contaminated with water. This can affect the primary function and seal between two surfaces of the lubricant.

Types of Industrial Grease

There are several types and applications of industrial grease across industries.

Modified clay of Bentonite: This can be used in areas where high temperatures are not expected. It is a smooth, lubricating grease with a temperature range of 250 to 325°F. It also has extremely high water resistance and a dropping point of 500°F. Its ability to make a seal that can be used to seal bearing seals at high temperatures is why it is most commonly used in ovens.

The aluminum complex is used when high temperatures are expected. It can reach maximum temperatures of 250 to 325degF. It has a 500-degree F dropping point and is most commonly used in food machinery.

Lithium 12 Hybrid Stearate: This product is mainly used in bearing applications. It has a smooth texture, is resistant to water, and has a temperature range of 250- 325degF and a drop point of 380degF. It has excellent pump ability and long-lasting abilities.

The Lithium Complex: This Lithium has excellent water resistance, a soft texture, and can withstand temperatures of 250- 325degF. It also has a 500degF drop point. It is an improvement over Lithium 12 because it uses a lot of general-purpose greases.



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