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8 Ways To Make Your Product Custom Packaging For Shipping

When writing about custom boxes for shipping, we have to keep several factors in mind. Not every company is aware of the benefits surrounding custom packaging of any kind, let along partaking of them. Hence, one has to get creative in order to catch their audience’s attention:

1. The Value of Social Media:

You can try to attract a company’s attention towards customized boxes by extolling the virtues of social media. If their boxes are picturesque enough, they could get a whole lot of free advertisement through the pictures their customers take. They may even be able to get their packaging commended by social media influencers.

2. Unboxing Videos:

One niche that custom boxes target is the social trend of unboxing videos. These are simply videos of bloggers, vloggers, or just social media users opening the deliveries they’ve received. If the boxes are customized, they would get more views and the company gets more publicity.

3. Costing:

You would always get a startup’s attention if you talk about how much customized boxes would cost. Many entrepreneurs have no idea that customizing their packaging won’t cost much, especially if they place a bulk order. You may also tell them how to find a wholesale customized shipping box vendor in their locality. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as opening a search engine and putting in the keywords Custom Boxes Near me Location.

4. How to Save:

Many people would think of extra cost when they imagine customizing any part of their manufacturing or packaging process. However, one could write about how customized boxes can actually save on a company’s costs. For instance, having smaller, more fitted packaging could mean that more boxes can be stacked into a transport van. This could greatly cut down on transport, delivery, and storage costs.

5. Competition:

Companies, especially small ones, are always interested in how their competition is performing. If they are reminded of how customized boxes could make their products more competitive, they would be more likely to go for it.

6. Customer Needs:

A company’s target audience would appreciate it if their requirements were heard and met. For instance, some customers may want their products shipped in smaller boxes to make carrying them easier. Customized boxes which cater to this need would hence enhance a company’s reputation.

7. Causes:

Sometimes, a certain organization may be very interested in certain causes like fighting against global warming, pollution etc. Customizing their boxes according would hence be an interesting topic for them. As an example, one could write about where to get boxes made of recycled material or ones that are manufactured using a ‘green’ process.

8. Standing Out:

The main thing a company wants is to make enough sales for success. For this, they would obviously want their products to stand out from a crowd. If you really want to grab their interest, talk about how customized boxes for shipping and general packaging would make this happen. Having even an empty box be of an eye-catching design or color could be a form of advertisement. Plus, they would definitely want to make their logo familiar with people. Again, a customized box can help them in this direction


Customized packaging and custom, boxes may not be in the short term plans for a startup or even a large company. They may deem it to be an extra and dispensable cost, but may not realize how these costs could get more than covered. Writing about these concepts in a creative manner would create the appropriate interest and hence benefit companies and customers alike

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