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Procedure for Creating Electronic Signatures

Signatures have always been an important reference point in business transactions. They have evolved from the use of fingerprints to individual drawings, which are constantly being rewritten and perfected. The abandonment of paper led to the development of electronic signatures. As the name suggests, this authentication solution uses the latest computer-assisted technologies. Creating an electronic signature is very simple. The signature must first be registered.

This is done with the help of a registration system that stores the signatures. For the communication between the person signing the electronic signature and the computer, both a notepad and a digital notepad are used. Often, several test entries are made before the signature is affixed. The next step is to create the profile and process the signature. Once the signature is written on the provided notepad, it is analyzed. This can be accomplished with a variety of software applications. It is then transformed into a template that may be used.

The template is used to create a profile for the user. Various dynamic processes are performed on the profile that contains the digital signature. The last process is the verification of the signature. By creating a profile, the stored digital signature can be used to validate the newly created digital signature. In this way, checks and balances are put in place to verify that a person is indeed a person.

Due to the increase in fraud, electronic signature systems have been developed to verify identity. Companies online are often vulnerable, but such systems have helped them fend off fraudsters. This streamlined document control has allowed the organization to operate optimally.

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