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What are the ways to Prepare your Home for Painters in Perth?

When you decide to renovate your home paint, you must put a stake in the best companies in Perth. However, before the arrival of professional painters, you need to prepare your home for painting.

If you want smooth walls with streak-free paint, prepare the room well for painting. However, planning and preparation are good ideas so you can be ready for painters in Perth.

When you hire painters from one of the best painting companies in Perth, they provide complete instruction to prepare your pace before their arrival. In this way, you can set aside your time and money. Because, when you let the painters prepare your room, they will definitely charge money. So, it is better to do it by yourself before the paint gets started.

If you have no idea how to prepare your home for painters in Perth, here we have some tips and guidelines to help.

1. Start planning where to start;

Planning is the first step to preparing your home for painters in Perth. When you start planning, everything will be done in an organized way without any mess. Plan your procedure from start removing furniture and cleaning to redecorating again. Once everything gets cleared in your mind, you can enjoy peace of mind.

First of all, you need to think about where to start. It has always been a good idea to start preparing the home for painters from the smallest place. Because small places take less time and do not take much energy. Starting from a wide area takes much time and energy, and a person gets tired too early.

2. Remove your furniture;

The most important step to prepare your room for the painters is removing the future. Professional painters need a lot of space to do their work. So, you clean the entire furniture on time before starting the paint.

In this way, you can protect your furniture from any damage.. Otherwise, paint drops will spoil the furniture surface. Moreover, if you do not remove the furniture from the room, then the painter will not be able to perform their job perfectly.

Painters do not do the extra job of removing furniture or anything else. If you put this job on them they will definitely charge for it. Moreover, you may probably get your furniture damaged. By the proper planning and preparation, safely transfer your furniture to a safe place.

3. Cover heavy or fixed items;

If there are heavy and fixed items in your room, cover them with a high-quality protector sheet. In this way, you will be able to protect them from getting paint drops. Just like a fixed cupboard in the room, showcase, dressing area etc.

Moreover, cover the kitchen, do not forget to cover the kitchen cabinets with a protector sheet. Remove the electronics and other items from the kitchen shelf and cover the shelf with a protector.

If any electronics cannot be removed, then disconnect them and then place a cover over them. Professional painters in Perth will not accept responsibility if you fail to prepare your property for painting. As a result, it is preferable to prepare your home with sufficient care.

4. Remove carpets from the floor;

Painting companies in Perth do not provide any carpet cleaning service if your carpet gets paint drops while painting. So, it is better to remove your rugs, carpets, doormats etc before painters in Perth arrive.

5. Remove the curtains from the windows and doors

In order to protect your curtains from drops of paint, remove them. Before the painters arrive, you should clear the doors and windows if you have anything on them. It will be a better chance to wash the curtain before hanging them again.

You can also match the curtains with the paint by dying them to exchange them with the same colours.

6. Remove frames, paintings or anything from the wall

Remove any frames, paintings, or other items off the walls before the painters come. Painters will take a long time to do this work if you do it on the spot. So, it is always better to put all your belongings in a safe place before the painters arrive.

7. Let the fresh air pass through your windows;

Before the painters arrive, open the doors and windows of your home to let the fresh air pass from your house. Do not close them until the painter completes their job. 

Ventilation is good to let your paint dry. Nowadays, paints have little odour and can dry quickly. But still, you should practice caution to avoid any harm.

8. Protect the light switches and outlets;

Put some attention to the light switches and outlet cover. You need to cover them with a plastic sheet and fastened painter’s tape around the edges. In this way, you will be able to avoid paint drops sticking on it and making them spoil.

9. Vacate the area;

Vacate the area that you want to get painted before the painters arrive. In this way, all the dust and dirt will be cleaned. Otherwise, dust will stick to the paint on the wall and ruin the paint.

10. Cover the floor with a drop cloth;

When the paint drops fall on the floor, it will not get easily removed. Professional painters do not waste their time removing drops of paint from the floor. So, it is better to cover the floor with a drop cloth or a plastic sheet. In this way, you will be able to avoid paint drops striking the floor.


When you hire painters from one of the best painting companies in Perth, there is a lot to do to prepare your home. You need to clear and clean the entire home before the painters come inside your home. Painting companies in Perth explain everything when you decide to hire them. However, if you have no idea how to prepare your home for a painter, you can take the mentioned precautionary measures.

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