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Preparation for IELTS Writing

Plan and organization of work

First of all, carefully read the question or statement, and determine what kind of reaction the task requires from you. It is advisable to underline the keywords – you will rely on them in the process of creating the text.

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Then choose which essay structure you will use. As a rule, in the task, you will be asked to analyze the phenomenon, based on its positive and negative sides, agree with the statement, or refute it. This means that you will be most comfortable writing an essay consisting of four paragraphs.

Essay format “For” and “Against”

  • The structure of the essay in which you will need to consider the pros and cons can be as follows:
  • An introduction in which you rephrase a question and give a general answer to it, thus immediately succinctly indicating your opinion.
  • The first paragraph of the main part, in which you consider the positive aspects of a phenomenon or object.
  • The second paragraph of the main part outlines the disadvantages of the phenomenon that you are analyzing.
  • A conclusion where you summarize the pros and cons and use them to re-state your position on the issue.

Format “Consent” or “Refutation”

For those tasks in which you are asked to agree or refute the statement, the essay plan may look like this:

  • An introduction that contains a rephrased question and a brief retelling of your opinion on it.
  • In the first paragraph of the main part, where you give the first argument for your agreement or disagreement with the opinion or question that is indicated in the assignment.
  • The second paragraph of the main part, contains the following argument, justifying your agreement or disagreement.
  • In conclusion, where you briefly rephrase the arguments given and reiterate your opinion.

At the same time, it is obligatory in each of the paragraphs of the main part to provide as strong evidence as possible, confirming them with examples.

Make sure that each of the arguments has a clear and logical connection with your position on the issue that you outlined in the introduction, and supports, not refutes it.

Also, at the essay planning stage, it is worth making a list of vocabulary that you will need to write an essay so that the text is varied and interesting.

Essay writing

After careful, but rather operational planning, you can proceed to the actual creation of your text.

You should start with an introduction, where your opinion on the issue will be formulated. If you have to defend or challenge a certain point of view, indicate your position. If the essay will consider the pros and cons of the phenomenon, also write that you intend to present the positive and negative aspects of the phenomenon that was identified in the assignment. This is important because it makes it clear to the reader what the purpose of your work is.

The introduction should be short enough – one paragraph, consisting of three to four sentences, will be enough. At the same time, one or two sentences are not enough for this part of the essay to fully fulfill its functions.

Then move on to the main text. Depending on the previously defined structure, the content of the paragraphs may vary. But it is important to comply with the following requirements:

  • Start each paragraph with a sentence that indicates the topic of the further text.
  • In the following sentences, develop your idea formulated in the first sentence. You need to do this by offering arguments, including those related to your own experience or knowledge.
  • Examples should be relatively short. Do not go into details, especially if they have little to do with the topic.
  • Be sure to use introductory words and linking words to provide logical transitions from one thought to another. This will not only make the text more readable but also add points to you.


Conclusion – that part of the essay where you need to summarize what was written in the main text. To do this, it is usually necessary to briefly repeat the above arguments, retelling them in other words.

For a qualitative conclusion, it is enough to write two, a maximum of three sentences. In the last of them, once again rephrase the idea that was expressed as the main one in the introduction: your point of view on the problem or the idea that the phenomenon under consideration has several positive and negative sides. So you convince the reader that you proved your point.

Final touches and verification

Be sure to read your essay to make sure there are no spelling or punctuation errors. Remember that vocabulary should be varied but try not to use too many polysyllabic words and words that belong to the official vocabulary. This is especially true for those situations where you are not sure of the correctness of their spelling.

A good essay must have different grammatical constructions. If it consists only of simple sentences that use the same grammatical tense, the score will not be high.

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A good essay must have different grammatical constructions. If it consists only of simple sentences that use the same grammatical tense, the score will not be high.

Make sure that the arguments and examples you give are relevant to the topic and fully support the thoughts that are given at the beginning of the paragraphs. Otherwise, the examiner will also not be able to give you a high score, because he will decide that the logic of the presentation is violated.

For your exam essay to be truly successful, you need to not only learn all these rules but also consolidate them in practice. Practice writing on different topics so that you will not only get used to expressing your thoughts in a certain sequence but will also do it faster. With limited time to complete the test, the last skill will be one of the most relevant.

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