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Pre-listing checklist

What is pre-listing?

Pre-listing refers to the period before you have officially listed your house on the real estate market and have made your home open to visitors. Before getting the house listed, the homeowner carries out the necessary repairs to fix the condition of the house and possibly increase the selling price. A pre-listing checklist ensures that you have carried out all possible renovations to ensure that the house is presented to the buyer in nothing but its best. Here are some things that you must include in your listing checklist. You should also know about Blue World City payment plan.

Pre-listing inspection

You must first understand that a pre-listing inspection is not the same thing as a home listing inspection, and the key difference is the person who is paying it. The buyer carries out a home inspection before making an offer. At the same time, a pre-listing assessment is carried out by the seller even before the property is put up on the market, and hence the seller has to pay the bill. The seller carries out a pre-listing inspection to see what repairs are needed in the home. This inspection is in no way a replacement of an appraiser, where the property’s value is determined.

Get your hands on the local market statistics.

To determine the house’s market value, you must know the value of other similar properties around you so that you can make a comparison. Having market statistics ensures that you set an accurate selling price in line with the costs of other properties on the market. This is crucial because if your property is overvalued, you will face difficulties in selling, and if it is undervalued, you will not be making a maximum profit. Therefore, along with the house’s unique features, its value is also determined by the market statistics. Furthermore, by studying the local market statistics, you will also be able to decide whether it is the right time to sell your house or not. For example, if the local market statistics show that homes are selling for a lower price than average, it is better not to list your house and wait for the market statistics to get better. Buy plot in Park View Lahore installment plan 2022.

Prepare your marketing strategy.

In today’s world, the biggest determinate of the success of a business is its marketing strategy, which applies to the real estate sector as well. The real estate market has gotten extremely competitive, and if you want to sell your house in such tough competition, you must come up with an effective marketing strategy. Planning and executing a marketing strategy takes time, and it can not be done after you have listed your house in the real estate sector. Therefore, one of the most important things to do during the pre-listing period is to plan a marketing strategy thoroughly. It would be best if you also decided which platforms you plan on using to market your property. Depending on your budget, you will have to choose between newspapers, television commercials, social media advertisements, or websites.

Create a budget plan

The pre-listing period involves a lot of expenses, such as the cost of repairs or marketing. It is very easy to go overboard with these expenses, and many people spend more than what their income allows during the pre-listing period. To avoid overspending during the pre-listing period, you must prepare a thorough budget to allocate money to different expenditures. It is also advised that you carry out market research to become aware of the prices of other materials and services that you will be using. It is also suggested that you study the market to see which repairs will be effective and which costs will be a waste of money. buy plot in Silver City


Though not talked about enough, the pre-listing period is crucial and determines the house’s selling price. You should hire a real estate agent who can guide you and give valuable advice during this period.

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