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Practices Making Your Farm More Fertile

Everyone wants to live to the fullest, not only are we humans but inherent lives also deserve the same. Yes, I’m talking about soil not soul. Soil also deserves to be the best of it and help plants produce great. After yielding for years or two it loses its fertility as it loses its fertility plants don’t get enough to grow and pay poorly.  So if you want to make your farm look green and great one must first check the soil. Here are some basic practices you should know to keep your farm green.

Adding Compost

Compost is a must-add remedy to apply to the soil to help maintain its fertility and keep it alive. As we humans need food regularly to serve same as soil also needs Compost to be useful. It doesn’t need as regular as we need food but needed to be Compost after two to three years. Compost is the process of adding a thick layer of 2 to 3 inches layer on the soil so that it retains its fertility. It is the process of adding organic matter and natural nutrients to the soil. It is also important to the soil as after years of yield soil loses its fertility and minerals it needs to provide the plants for better yields. By which the yield decrease and the land become underutilized and barren.  So to avoid such circumstances one should add Compost to the soil after a year or two.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is the method of planting different types of plants in the same field in a sequence of different seasons. Crop rotation is must apply method. Through this rotation, the farm will always look green it doesn’t depend on seasonal flowers to look green. By rotating your crops on the farm you can make your field look green. In this method, crop choice must be the primary goal. Crop choice is often related to the farmer to achieve the rotation which can be weed management, increasing availability of nitrogen, checking soil erosion, and retaining fertility. We can also make use of different farming tools available in the market.

Adding Manure

Don’t get confused between Compost and manure, Compost is the decomposition of the plant materials and manure is the decomposition of the animal feces which are heated sufficiently to produce manure. Manure is not only the source of nitrogen but also other nutrients which are beneficial for the plants. Farmers practice farming continuously on the same field as a result plant loses their fertility so it is necessary for the soil to add manure otherwise it produces weak plants.

Soil Testing

Soil testing is the process of testing the soil if it is competent to give a good yield. We can do soil tests at our home some as home test kits are available at gardening centers but they are not 100% accurate. We must know soil testing is a chemical process of estimating the nutrients presented, it could be done by checking the pH level of the soil. Mostly soil pH measures around 3.5 to 10, if its pH value ranges between 3-5 it is neutral. There are multiple methods to check soil fertility, the most common methods used are hand sampling, Neutron activation analysis( NAA), Laser-induced breakdown spectrometry (LIBS), etc.


Mulching is the process of laying the field with materials to maintain the soil moisture and temperature. It also prevents the growth of weeds. This method is beneficial in extreme weather. If the weather is too hot this method holds the moisture and helps the soil to retain. It also prevents soil erosion. One of the disadvantages of mulching is that it can only be practiced on a plane land and cannot be practiced on step farming or terrace farming.

One must keep in mind these amazing ideas of making a farm more fertile before opting for growing vegetables and fruits. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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