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Play today Chhota Bheem’s Archery in Mexico Game App Download Now on Android & IOS

Chhota Bheem Wala Game : Game Wala Game

Experience the thrilling Archery Adventure with Chhota Bheem’s new game inspired by the latest movie “Chhota Bheem And The Legend Of El Magnifico.” Download now to explore exciting worlds & shoot challenging targets.

Chhota Bheem #1 Archery game based on the latest movie Chhota Bheem and the Legend of El Magnifico is now on available on Play Store! This Archery game is in 3D with the exciting prop to shoot and its the most realistic archery game for you.

Archery Game Features:
1) 10 Magnificent Environments & Themes
2) 100 Unique Levels
3) Exciting Rewards on Level completion
4) 3 Exciting 3D Avatars of Chhota Bheem

Play Dhanush and teer wala game and travel through 100+ levels and earn coins and special rewards in the game. Join Bheem in the archery game to unlock new avatars and explore beautiful locations of Mexico city. Take up the challenges, aim the target, shoot the arrow and hit the bull’s eye to become the Greatest Archery of the Mexico city.

This game is packed with some great visual effect treats for you. Keeping the game play simple, realistic 3D graphics with interesting challenges.



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