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Planning For Lift Installation? Here Are the Steps to Follow

If you have decided to install a residential lift in your new home or have one retrofitted in your existing house, it is very important for you to have proper knowledge and do some research beforehand. It is essential to understand the exact process of residential lift installation before making a final purchase decision.

Below, this informative article walls you through some important steps associated with the process of lift installation that you need to be aware of. Read on to know more in detail to have an overall better understanding.

  1. Choose The Right Type of Lift-

You should always try before purchase. It is very important for you to see any product before you make a PURCHASE decision. It can help you to understand what your quotation for residential lift includes. Make sure that you find out what an optional extra is and what is standard, so that your lift installation happens exactly according to expectations. It is advised that you visit the showroom and check out various operation display lifts and inspect as well as ride the lift of your choice.

  1. Read The Contract Well Before Finalizing the Installation-

After you have decided upon a residential lift installation, it is essential for you to go through the contract and understand it thoroughly before you sign it. Make an appointment with the lift company of your choice, make any queries that you might have and check out every page.

Before the installation of residential lifts, it is always important to try before you purchase. It is an important step to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.

  1. Do the Lift Drawings Properly? –

After you sign the contract and hire a lift company, it will prepare a first draft of engineered lift drawings for you. It is essential for you to have a copy of these drawings to reference all the important details, measurements and loads during the lift shaft construction and related functions.

With a good lift company, you can get assistance in the management of the construction of the lift shaft – without any extra expense. It will make sure that only minimal changes are done before the approval of the lift before the installation. The builder needs to be in touch with the lift company all through the lift shift construction to make sure that a hassle-free and efficient lift installation job is done.

  1. Check For the Final Finishes in The Showroom-

Before your lift gets approval to be manufactured, it is essential to go back to the showroom and finalize the selection before the final lift installation.

While choosing your lift finishes, you should always take enough time. If it is possible, get samples from the home to properly match:

  • Color,
  • Design and
  • Style

Try to include your home flooring, such as timber or tiles within your lift.

  1. Review The Delivery & Setup of Lift-

When your lift is ready for delivery, your lift company will notify you of the same and the project manager will carry out a site inspection before lift installation. There will be a confirmation of installation date after the site is confirmed to be ready. You should allow about 2-4 weeks for the setup of your lift from the time of commencement of installation.


Finally, following up with tips will ensure the lift installation at your place gets done with perfection. The lift would be ready to be used after all the tests are successfully completed.

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