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Plagiarism And How To Check For It

In the case that we were to name a skill that can be termed as the most useful skill in the world, that skill must be reading as well as writing. The reason we say this is because writing is the only thing that has enabled over the years the transfer of information from one generation to another. After all, what other than writing do you think enables us to make sure that relevant information is transferred from one generation to another? Obviously, it is the skill of us being able to put something on a piece of paper –writing – and then being able to understand it – reading. While a lot of the human population communicates what they feel and what messages they want to convey through writing emails, many others utilize the skill of writing to author articles. No matter for which purpose you are writing content, there is one thing that you have always to cater to in your mind – the issue of getting caught in a plagiarism scandal.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism takes place when your writing ends up being very similar to the writing of another person who has published content. Online plagiarism takes place when your online writing becomes very similar to the online content of another person. In other words, it means that you will be taking credit for someone else’s work which is always frowned upon. In fact, many institutions have initiated punishments for the people who are caught committing plagiarism and thus stealing someone else’s work. The severity of these punishments really varies between the institution that the person belongs to, the industry the institution is part of, and last but not least the extent to which matters were plagiarized. 

For example, in the case that a small search engine optimization firm finds a content writer of theirs involved in plagiarism, they probably will not make any big deal out of it. This is because the practice of plagiarism has crept into all levels of the search engine optimization industry and the firm is small and does not have much to lose in terms of reputation.  An academic institution of good repute like Harvard University will never accept plagiarism and will probably end up expelling the plagiarizer from their university even if the plagiarizer committed the bad deed only once. This is because Harvard knows that if their people are caught stealing the work of others, the university will have a lot to lose. For these reasons, many folks all around the planet use plagiarism checker tools. 

What Are Plagiarism Checker Tools?

Plagiarism checker tools are tools that you can use to check if your writing is too similar to another copy. As these tools make use of the internet, you can obviously only use these kinds of things so that you can detect plagiarism from other sources on the internet.  How it works is that the plagiarism checker crawls over all the billions of files that are uploaded on the World Wide Web. In the crawling, if the plagiarism checker tool detects that the writing in question is too similar to a file uploaded on the internet, it will flag that portion and report it to the person operating the tool. Not only do the people required to submit the works use the tool but also the people who are responsible for evaluating the work also use the tools. Bear in mind that you do need to use the internet for all plagiarism checker tools. You do not have the internet? Check out Xfinity internet plans; they feature reliable and effective coverage. 

Top Plagiarism Checker Tools


Yes, Grammarly both sounds like and is known for the identification and rectification of grammatical mistakes and sentence structure and vocabulary errors; however, in the case that you are willing to pay thirty dollars a month for its paid version, you will be able to enjoy the service of a plagiarism checker as well. The checking capabilities of the app are known to be pretty high.


Unicheck is another app known for the provision of plagiarism checker services. It is probably the most thorough plagiarism checker as it crawls over ninety billion files on the internet. Thus, in the case that your file passes through Unicheck, you can be pretty sure that no plagiarism will be detected in it.


This is it for now. We will be talking more about plagiarism in the future. 



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