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Places to Visit in Bangalore for Youngsters


Bangalore is a city that serves as the ‘hip and happening’ generation of youngsters. This magnificent city is full of cultures, the city boasts fabulous options that can keep the young (and the young at heart) hooked without any faults. If you’ve just moved into the city for that new job of yours or course, or are visiting your grandparents for a summer vacation, then you’re probably bored with your evenings and weekends. After all, no one can watch  movies or go to malls all day long. So, here are a few places to visit in Bangalore for youngsters to have a great time! 

So, plan a trip, backpack your bags, check-in at one of your favourite hotels in Bangalore, and start exploring the youthful and fun side of the city. 

Here’s our list of places in Bangalore for youngsters. 

Guhantara Resort

Have you ever wondered about having the crazy idea of literally living inside a cave? But, don’t we flip the idea after thinking about the bats and worms inhabiting the caves? Guhantara has surely brought something super exciting for us. They let us have the fridge benefits of experiencing a cave stay without really bothering about the troubles. Even after being 10m deep into the ground, Guhantara doesn’t let your expectations down when it comes to a modern lifestyle. Perfect for a quick weekend getaway, you will feel like being a member of an episode of the Flintstones.

Lal Bagh

This historical and ancient garden has been in the city since the Tipu Sultan times. It is another one of the greenish spaces in the city that you can go through for a short and lovely picnic or one of the places you can visit in Bangalore with your friends for a photography activity. This fun place in Bangalore is perfect for a sunny day out, especially on a winter morning. Don’t miss out on the beautiful and exquisite Glass House and also the annual flower show if you’re in the city around that time. 

Commercial Street

These two closely located areas are the favourite shopping hubs of Bangalore. If you’re the one who isn’t brand crazy and loves those flea and road markets, then there is nowhere else that you need to be. So, get yourself something to keep, improve your bargaining skills and then hang out with your buds in one of the many restaurants, cafes or pubs that line the two streets in the middle.

MG Road

One of the busiest roads in Bangalore which is full of chaos, MG Road or Mahatma Gandhi Road is a place of competitive and commercial activity in the city. MG Road is a one-stop destination for all your shopping products and also a perfect weekend shopping adventure. And once you get super tired of shopping and are looking for a quick bite to eat, a list of cafes and restaurants here are at your service. Usually nights at MG Road call for partying and dancing till you get tired and it packs quite a few high-end pubs as well. Hence, MG Road is a must visit when you’re in the city.


If you haven’t yet visited Smaaash, you’ve been missing out on a lot of fun. Smaaash is a gigantic and fun gaming and activity place. Kids, adults, and mostly the youngsters will fall in love with this place the moment they step in. You can give your bowling skills a shot, get zoned out in the world of VR Games, hop and hop on the go-karts,  and whatnot. You can also loosen and grab a beer or two with your buddies.

Tip: The prices here are a bit towards the costlier side. Make sure to plan accordingly your budget because no one wants to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Beer Hubs

You’re in the one and only pub city of India, so how can you not go and try out some of the amazing beers that Bangalore is well-known for? Pubs are one of the coolest places to visit in Bangalore with friends. You can try out the beers at ABC or Toit, or head to Skyye or High for an eye-popping view of the city while you enjoy some amazing brewed beer. There’s also a place called District 6 that you can try out for some good beer. 

Orion Mall

Located in Malleshwaram in Bangalore, Orion Mall is one of the busiest, largest , full of chaos and most popular malls in the city. It is situated near the lake. That’s why the beautiful location makes the mall even more appealing. The mall boasts of a number of stores like footwear stores, accessory outlets, electronics and many more. 

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