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Pilates Workout Machines That Drive You To Stay Fit

Pilates is an anaerobic physical activity performed briefly and based on strength and endurance. Its objective is not to burn calories but to strengthen the muscles and increase the body’s control, strength, and flexibility. Normally, Pilates is done in fairly large classes, in a set order, on the floor, using balls, ribbons, rings, or nothing. 

Pilates workout machines help make exercises more effective. However, for quick and effective results, it is recommended to use pilates workout machines as a complement to traditional Pilates.  

The Best Pilates Workout Machines

A Pilates reformer machine is designed to improve the strength and flexibility of the body. The Pilates reformer machine has a solid structure. It comprises handles, ropes, springs, and pulleys that allow you to do a wide variety of exercises to improve body balance, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and correct posture. 

The pilates reformer machine is designed for people who already have a certain level or to use it under the supervision of a professional. It is very important to perform the exercises correctly to avoid injuries. In general, this machine is used to complement Pilates on the ground, so the person already has some basic knowledge of this type of exercise. Check the pilates reformer for sale here.

Types Of Pilates Reformer Machine

Trapeze Pilates Reformer

The trapeze Pilates reformer machine has a rotating bar that allows stretching exercises to increase the body’s flexibility. It is normally used to complement floor or mat exercises. It is a way to make a classic pilates class much more complete. And it is recommended to use it in a quarter of the training, for about 15 minutes.

Reformer With Tower

Pilates reformer machine with Tower machine is a fusion between the classic Reformer and the Tower, also known as the Wall Unit. When both elements come together, you get a machine with which you can do a greater number of exercises. In addition, the two machines together offer more possibilities than separately. Check exclusive offers on pilates reformers for sale


The Cadillac, commonly known as a pilates table, is a raised bed with a steel structure on which accessories can be hung to perform exercises, such as springs, pulleys, and mobile bars. The exercises performed with the Cadillac are practically unlimited. But this pilates workout machine is designed to work on the legs, abdomen, chest, and hips. The exertion can be increased or decreased depending on the needs and abilities of the person, which allows a very safe progression.

Pilates Barrel And Spine Corrector

That of a classic barrel inspires the shape of the Pilates Barrel. Its design is intended to work on body alignment efficiently. It can be introduced in intermediate and advanced level exercises. It allows stretching in a very safe way. As for the Spine Corrector, its functions are very similar to those of the Barrel. With it, you can stretch your spine, tone your muscles, and make general posture corrections.

The Chairs

There are three chairs designed exclusively for pilates workout machines whose results are very good if used correctly: Baby Chair, Electric Chair, and Wunda Chair.

Baby Chair

It has an articulated backrest that can move forwards and backward thanks to the springs on the back. It restores strength and balance and improves control of the upper body. It is highly recommended for delicate people or with back problems.

Electric Chair

This chair is ideal for people to improve control and balance. The exercises are performed on a pedal attached to the structure with two springs. It is perfect for strengthening knees, legs, hips, and buttocks.

Wunda Chair

 It is a box with a spring-loaded pedal. You can increase or decrease the resistance depending on the level and the exercise. It works the abdominal part intensely.

Happy Pilates!

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