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Perfume for men & women: The best way to buy fragrance

Online Perfume Shopping— is a topic that leads to a never-ending debate. It looks weird to buy a bottle of fragrance without smelling it. It is an excellent idea to try anything before purchasing it. But nowadays, we see people shopping online for clothes and shoes without trying them; similarly, many people are buying perfumes online unsmelled. So, Here is a brief guide on the best way to buy fragrances online.

Research Before Purchasing

It is always the best practice to do research about the product before purchasing it. “A massive 81 percent of us research a product online before purchasing it,” says  GE Capital Retail Bank. Buying a Perfume is not different from purchasing LCD Screen online. The information about the brand and the product is always helpful in selection. You can collect most of the information about that product in its reviews. If a product has a 2-star rating in 100 reviews and there is another product with a 4.5-star rating in 100 reviews. Then, you should select the product with the better rating. That’s how the reviews section will help you gather more information about the fragrance you want to purchase online. This will help you to buy original perfumes online. You must collect a good amount of information before clicking on the “Add To Cart” button.

Know The Names

“The name is often useful in identifying a fragrance’s character,” says Craven. This is because the mood and intensity of scents are always hidden in its name. For example, a fragrance that has the night or dark in the title is usually rich and warm and designed to be worn in the evening. In comparison, the scent that has water or fraiche in the title is generally fresh and light, intended to be worn in the morning.

Consider The Values

No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” Says Coco Chanel. The values should always be considered while purchasing the perfume. These values differ from person to person. For example, if you are looking to shop for men online, you must know about their likes and dislikes to buy the perfect fragrance for them. And if you are looking to shop perfume for women online. Then you must consider their values before purchasing perfume.

Consider The Color

The perfume’s Color conveys the scent’s nature to the customer. Let’s see some colors as an example and what they are conveying:

  • Cool Blues: This color is usually associated with freshness. This color is used in the packaging for “marine” and “aquatic” fragrances like Acqua Di Gio.
  • Gold: In fragrance packaging, this color is usually associated with richness, opulent, exotic creations like Dolce and Gabanna. 
  • Yellow: Yellow is associated with cheerfulness and summer. And yellow packaging is used for a zingy citrusy and summer fragrance.
  • Green: The fragrance packed in green usually contains fresh cut grass, though vetiver fragrances are usually woodier or smokier.
  • Black: As expected, this color is associated with depth and intensity.
  • Red: This color is associated with danger, energy, and passion. The red color usually conveys a punchy and spicy fragrance.

Discover The Perfumer

Another step considered the best way to buy fragrances online is discovering the perfumer. If you look for any unfamiliar scent online, you must know about the person who created it. This step helps in making the decision if the perfumer is well-reputed and has good reviews. It is the same as clothing or any other brand. If you have enjoyed any perfumer’s creation, you will also like his other creations.

Find Some Variety

Addicted to the same perfume over the years but now getting bored of it? Maybe you can bring some variety or use any other variant. The good thing about these variants is that the original quality does not change. Only the intensity will be different, from light to intense. For example, if you like Acqua Di Gio, you will probably like Acqua Di Gio deep. Both will keep the taste of the original.

Stay Inside Your Comfort Zone

If you are still nervous after all these tips that this will end up opposite of your liking. Then stick inside the comfort zone by selecting the brand you love. “If you loved one scent from a particular fragrance house, it’s likely to be worth taking a chance on the others,” says Leslie.

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