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Pecha Kucha Topics Examples – Popular Global Presentation Format

Pecha Kucha Topics Examples – 3 Reasons Why Teachers Love It

Pecha Kucha Topics Examples? The word Pecha Kucha means “chitchat” – and comes from a Japanese onomatopoeia. It’s basically a presentation style which is devised by two architects. Additionally, it’s making its way into higher education programs across the nation.

Thus, we interviewed an expert, to find out why teachers are joining the PechaKucha craze.

Why Pecha Kucha Topics Examples Are Important?

PechaKucha is all about getting to the point and is created in 2003 because – architects talk too much. Each presentation lasts about the same amount of time it takes to check your Instagram feed exactly six minutes and 40 seconds.  

The conciseness forces the presenter to thoughtfully prepare and helps students stay engaged throughout the delivery. Hence, there’s no time for rambling, useless information, or telling jokes. Every second is precious.

Pecha Kucha Topics Examples are great for student presentations. Additionally, the fixed structure forces creativity, as presentations get refined over and over to meet constraints. So, great presenters make the perfecting process.

A Pecha Kucha Topics Examples Expert

Our expert’s career has largely focused on making people better presenters. Additionally, he spent 17 years at Microsoft designing product features for PowerPoint and started the Official PowerPoint Team Blog. 

Thus, we asked him about what Pecha Kucha Topics Examples look like in the classroom. He was quick to say – Teachers love this stuff. Why? He shared three reasons:

1. The Rules are Simple

The only real rule in PechaKucha is for 20 seconds for each 20×20: 20 slide. Then the rest of the presentation can be left up to the student. Presentations become a type of –  beat-the-clock performance art – instead of the bane of students’ existence.

2. No Time for Distractions

Each slide is significant and must support a portion of the message because of the rapid 20-second changes. This makes students tear down a topic into 20 bits of all the data.

Above all, students can’t rely on slides to do the presentation for them. 

Our expert said – Each slide should have minimal (or no) text. Pecha Kucha Topics Examples slides are evocative of the subject and re-enforce what the presenter is saying without containing much, if any, of the words being said.

In traditional presentations, students love to play with animations, designs, shapes, and transitions: great tools that easily lead to distraction. Because the presentation is built around information and not special features, the format of Pecha Kucha ideas forces the student to think about the message each slide portrays. 

3. Practice is Necessary

Yet, gone are the days of throwing a presentation together and reciting a million bullet points from Wikipedia. The constrained format of Pecha Kucha Topics Examples makes practice imperative. Students need to iron out the mechanics to get their message across in only six minutes and 40 seconds. 

Bottom line

Pecha Kucha ideas aren’t about memorizing a speech. Thus, it’s about knowing your subject matter, breaking down information, and practicing until it becomes comfortable. It gets students thinking, learning, and improving. What more could a teacher want?

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