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Our Favourite Space Saving Beds For Kids

Kids bedrooms can be notoriously messy which can make them seem like quite small spaces. With lots of toys, books and other things often strewn across the room, making sure that there’s enough space in the room for playtime is important. The bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in a room but it’s important that you’re not scrimping on comfort or support in order to keep your kids body protected. Whether you’re looking for the best kids mattress or some space-saving ideas, take a look at our favourite space saving beds for kids below.  

Bunk Beds (With Storage!)

Bunk beds have long been a popular choice for families with multiple children, or those where friends or family stay over frequently. With so many types of bunk beds available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start your search. Now bunk beds don’t just offer a space-saving sleeping solution but they can also offer in-build storage and other assets too to really help maximise your space! 

Desk Beds

Whether you’re looking to give your kid the room for creativity and colouring on their desk or you simply need to provide them with a dedicated space to do their homework, a desk bed could be the ideal solution. It’s a nice area which can act as a retreat for your child particularly if they’re looking for some peace and quiet in their own safe space. Desk beds offer a top bunk sleeping area and a table surface underneath. Compact and practical, they are one of the most popular choices for those looking for a space-saving solution. In some cases, you can fold away certain parts of the desk to give even more space when the desk area is not being used. 

High Sleepers

Similar to a desk bed (but without the table underneath) a high sleeper offers additional space underneath the bed for desks, shelving and other types of storage or space savers. Depending on the height of the high sleeper, you may even be able to fit a chair under the desk giving a real haven for your child to enjoy. If your kid is less keen on heights, then a mid-sleeper may be a better option. 

What type of mattress is right for kids? 

Now you’ve seen the array of space-saving bed options, the next thing to consider is the mattress type that is best for kids. As most growing happens when your child is asleep it’s important that they are able to have a comfortable night’s rest on a mattress that properly supports their body and can also give them long-term comfort. Most types of pocket-sprung or foam mattresses are suitable however you may want to consider having washable covers in case of any accidents in the night particular for younger children. Consider cost but also consider quality as the better quality the mattress, the more support it will likely lend to your children as they grow. 



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