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Order Food on Train in Bulk online when traveling in Groups - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Order Food on Train in Bulk online when traveling in Groups

As the summer has started now the people will plan to travel and enjoy the summers by visiting different stations. Every group of friends, family, or office colleagues plan to visit different hill stations, any religious place, or some time for the wedding of their college mate or colleague. Traveling becomes more comfortable on the train and most people choose to travel by train. For fun and enjoyment, some snacks and food are also important. The railways now also provide food on train from outside also. 

Yes, now you can enjoy a train journey with friends and family along with some snacks and your favorite foodstuff. The hot and fresh food plate along with the different views and scenery can make your journey more memorable and fantastic. You can order a different variety of food items like veg thali, Punjabi thali Jain thali and for any group of people there is a special group food option available. 

Why is group food there on railways?

For the railway there each and every passenger is important. So looking into each and every situation the railway knows that food is also an important thing for the passengers. Therefore they had added book food in the train option. With this option, different people can enjoy different food while just sitting in their seats. On the train, there are also different religions or cultures. Some in a group or some alone.

So keeping everything in mind railways have a group order facility for group food because group food can provide them with a different variety of food at an affordable price. If they order food individually that can be costly for them but with the group food option, they can enjoy healthy and tasty food with their friends in the group. The budget-friendly food provided by the railway also has many varieties of food options and proper packaging. 

Order group food with IRCTC 

IRCTC has overcome the problem of your food facility with the online food service. Now the food in train is fresh, hot, and hygienic. The IRCTC has an e- catering group food service from where you can order your food for a minimum of 15 people. Order food as per your requirement in bulk. Food ordering is easy from the official website of IRCTC.

You can order group food from the website that is www. ecatering.irctc.co.in and there you have to fill in your details like your PNR number, and train number. After that, they will ask you the station where you want your food to be delivered and then the restaurants.  From the restaurant, you can select the group food option and can place the order according to your requirement. Then you have to select the payment option once all these steps are completed the restaurant will be notified to prepare your food on time. 

Group food by rail meal on the train 

You can also order group food from rail meal websites. They also provide online group food delivery in trains as well. The passengers have to visit the online site from their phones. After opening the site they have to fill in some of the information so that the restaurant and delivery boy can easily contact them. 

If you are going to order group food from the website then you have to provide your name, email address, location, contact details, and the number of people in your group. After all this, you will see the delivery station option and restaurant option that you can select as per your choice now you will see the group food option in the menu bar from where you can select your order then you have to click the sent button to place your order. You can also place an order by calling them at their number 9138603860. 

Some benefits of ordering group food on train 

As we know that now we can place orders for bulk food on the train. There are a number of groups that travel by train like the army group, office colleagues group, friend group and the family group also. While traveling in a group the food becomes the most important factor also which can make the group traveling more enjoyable and memorable. So food in train provides you group food service also. 

Ordering food in a group can make your traveling budget-friendly. You can get more offers and discounts through online ordering. Now no need to carry extra food items. You can easily order food of your group choice with a single click. You can order from top-rated restaurants. The food provided to you is properly packed and hygienic also. You get served fresh and hot food on your seat. No need to move here and there. You can also get the food at a reasonable rate. The pre-order option is also there. Moreover, the cancelation process is also easy.  

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