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Online personal loan: 5 things to know to avoid risks

Are you looking for the best offer to apply for a personal loan online? Would you like to fulfill a long-cherished dream, such as renovating your apartment or buying a new car? Or do you need extra liquidity to deal with an unexpected event, such as a medical or legal expense? Here are 5 things you need to know before making your personal loan Proceed application online.

Pay close attention to the ancillary costs for an online personal loan

In fact, they are often expensive. In the evaluation phase of the multiple online personal loans, it most often happens that the ancillary costs included in the cost of the loan are not presented directly, but as a separate item to be added. This is a marketing operation so that as an applicant, you can believe that the loan price, or rather the amount of the monthly payment that you will have to face, is lower.

In a scenario such as the one in question, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to ancillary costs. Some of these, for example, are available absolutely free of charge. However, there are others that are costly but often appear as hidden items. The expenses for the preliminary investigation, the cost of an insurance policy to deal with natural unforeseen events or the possible loss of the job, the substitute stamp duty on the contract, periodic communications, the costs of early termination of the practice, and those relating to the management and collection of monthly installments are classic examples in this regard.

Look at the costs in detail and add them to those immediately deducible. In this way, you will have a better overview of the ancillary costs, distinguishing those that are burdensome from those that are not. Calculating the actual amount of the installment to be paid and knowing the costs of ancillary expenses proves useful in order to make you better manage your income and carefully plan your expenses and investments.

The insurance policy is not always mandatory: check its costs

Even before the fateful moment of signing the contract with which you get a personal loan online , evaluate whether insurance coverage is provided . In relation to the type of entity that provides additional liquidity, the insurance policy has a different nature and is proposed in different ways. Which is why, make sure if online personal loan insurance is mandatory or optional, given that in the eventuality its costs will significantly affect the costs of the installment .

In any case, the insurance coverage must be seen as an important opportunity that allows you to proceed with the repayment of the installments in a calm way, because in the face of insolvency, you are protected. If you are unable to repay the amount that has been loaned to you, it will be up to the insurance company to continue with the payment of the monthly installments that will be paid directly to the lender.

  1. Early termination: pay attention to commissions

If you get a personal loan online , it is always possible for you to pay it off early . Against early repayment, the commission to be paid to the entity with which you contracted the debt cannot exceed the threshold of 0.5%, of the capital repaid if you are in the last year of the loan, and of 1%, in the case in which there are still some years left. The remuneration, in fact, must necessarily be fair.

In fact, for loans with residual capital of € 10,000 downwards and for those at variable rates, there is no commission to be paid. In case of problems, it is possible to send a complaint to the institution that provided the additional liquidity. If the answer, which must arrive within 30 days of receipt, is negative, it is advisable to appeal directly to the Financial Arbitrator.

Keep an eye on the work of mediators and operators

Each broker as well as each operating agent at the institution that provides the credit cannot in any way request the payment of separate commissions for the performance of his work or for the offer of consultancy. The processing and communication to you, as a customer, must take place in advance in writing, before the definition of the contract.

However, things don’t always go the right way. Consequently, it is imperative for you to avoid all operators and brokers who require an advance before the online personal loan amount is disbursed . The fraud of the request for compensation, in fact, must be reported immediately to the Antitrust and the Bank of Italy, as it is an offense and misconduct.

  1. Control of the TAN with the intention of obtaining a lower rate

If you want to obtain an online personal loan at conditions that are convenient for you, it is a wise choice to evaluate the TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) as the main parameter to consider. Against a lower TAN, a more convenient amount is recorded for what concerns the loan installment .

In the evaluation phase of the TAN, one of the most frequent mistakes that you could make when choosing a personalized online loan , consists in making a considerable number of requests for additional liquidity at the same time, perhaps driven by the need to face short-term maturities. The error in question must be strictly avoided, as it would risk putting you in a bad light in the role of applicant.

Credit institutions (banks or financial institutions) usually interact often. Much more than you might think. Generally, this occurs through a single archive, where requests for loans and financing are screened in real-time. Such behavior would only put you in a bad light because you would appear to be hasty and in financial trouble. In short, you would not show yourself as the most reliable person in terms of the ability to repay the monthly installments.

Along the same lines as what has just been highlighted, again with reference to the evaluation of the TAN as the main parameter, making requests too close to different credit institutions remains an error that must not be made. The main reason is that even in the face of a refusal, the application form remains in the database for a period of time ranging from 30 to 60 days. This is why you should wait until this time has passed, before proceeding to formulate a new request for a personalized online loan.

Apply now for your personal loan online

In the sea magnum of 100% online loans, knowing how to choose is not at all easy, given the competition on the market. In this regard, if you intend to obtain explanations regarding an online loan request, you can fill out the request form on the PrestitiFaidaTe.its website. Enter your personal data and contact details in the appropriate fields and check the actual feasibility of obtaining the extra liquidity, necessary to fully achieve the goal you have set for yourself for some time.

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