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Online courses that will teach you How To Learn

“Learning to learn: effective psychological tools that will help you master academic subjects”

Perhaps the most famous course for developing learning abilities – graduates, as a rule, warmly recommend it to acquaintances, and through this “word of mouth,” it became famous. Teachers promise to teach students about simple teaching techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, mathematics, sports, and other disciplines. In addition, it will explain what “learning modes” the brain has and how it divides the information it receives into “pieces”. The theory will be accompanied by practical tips on memorization techniques, fighting procrastination, and other important topics for learning.

“Rethinking: Dealing with Obstacles to Learning and Unleashing Your Inner Potential”

The course comes “complete” with the previous one, and teachers from both universities – both the University of California and McMaster University – recommend taking them one after another. Even though the first is more focused on the study, and the second is more career-oriented, both help to “pump” learning skills.

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The course program is designed to master the skills of handling information, from how to get the most out of online learning, to the balance between “general erudition” and “selective ignorance” (spoiler: teachers will tell you why the second is better). Another major topic of the course is practical advice on how to learn and change yourself and your life for your benefit, regardless of age. By the way, the program is equally designed for teenagers and adults.

“Introduction to Mathematical Thinking”

Mathematical thinking is not the same as solving mathematical problems. At least, it is not at all like what is taught in math classes at school. School mathematics is aimed at teaching the skill of solving very typed tasks. Professional mathematicians, on the other hand, deal with non-trivial problems that arise in different sciences, in the real world, or in mathematics itself. School mathematics teaches only standard algorithms, while mathematical thinking is focused on finding non-standard solutions to problems that do not yet have a solution – and this is a very valuable skill. The course is dedicated to the development of this type of thinking.

“Creative Problem Solving”

If you, like the course instructors, believe that creativity is an important skill in any area of ​​life, this course is for you. The goal of the program is to develop the skill of working with a lot of conflicting ideas to solve any existing problems (in particular, in studies). Exercises are extremely important here, and there are quite a lot of them within the course.

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Listeners will have to look for and purposefully change their own, already familiar behavior patterns. “By starting with prompts such as ‘eat something out of the ordinary, you will learn to recognize and overcome your limitations,” the course authors promise.

“Academic listening and note-taking”

Listening to lectures in a foreign language can be very tiring – if you have already tried taking English-language courses, you most likely know this. This course is designed just for those for whom English is not their native language, but who study at the same time in an English-speaking environment (whether full-time or online). Students will be taught techniques that will help them better understand the material and take notes as efficiently as possible.

“Mindware: Critical Thinking for the Information Age”

Critical thinking today is necessary not only for students: the skills of collecting, analyzing, and comprehending information are required in almost any area of ​​life. Students will be introduced to basic concepts from statistics, probability theory, research methodology, cognitive psychology, and cost-benefit theory – all with real-life examples, of course. So, teachers will tell you why a job interview is always a mistake, how it happens that if you were delighted with restaurant food the first time, you won’t like it the next time, and why economists often leave dinner at a cafe half-eaten and leave from the middle of the film. The course is designed for the widest audience, but primarily for students who are just starting their studies at the university.

“Family participation in the education of the child: an introduction”

Unlike all other courses in the selection, this one is designed primarily not for the students themselves, but for their parents. Harvard University professor Karen Mapp will explain why family involvement in a child’s education is so important, analyze research in this area, as well as explain exactly how parents can help their children develop by supporting them and participating in the educational process. The peculiarity of the course is that scientists, teachers, students, schoolchildren, and their families talk here in the first person about their work and their experience.

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