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One Of The Best Poetry Books In 2021 Is Autumn Amour By Subhamoy Mazumdar

Accomplished poet Subhamoy Mazumdar continues to heal and nourish readers with his self-reflective poetry collection, Autumn Amour: Eighteen Love Sonnets. This powerful, uplifting book is both deeply human and a raw glimpse into the complexity of the soul.

Each piece expands upon the last, revealing a new aspect of the poet’s story. With topics ranging from grief to the restorative magic of nature, these poems capture the essence of a life in the context of a vast, and at times unforgiving, world.

This relatable collection is honest in a refreshing way that will resonate with adult readers from many walks of life. With messages of self-resilience and moving through heartache to the other side, Autumn Amour is sure to inspire those who are navigating hardships of their own.

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