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New UAE Labour Laws You Must Know in 2022

Labour laws protect as well as empower employees. They guard relations between the employer as well as the employee. The laws help both parties to be held responsible for their conduct. Yet, the new UAE labour law 2022 balances well the authority imbalance so that workers are well protected from any possible exploitation. Knowing work laws allows you to explore your base salary about paying rates.

Both workers, as well as employers, must know about the UAE’s working hours guidelines. Moreover, you must know about your rights.

Working Hours Regulations

Firms looking forward to growing in the UAE must follow the laws that regulate them. Following UAE labour law, in case you do not obey rules, you might suffer consequences. These negative outcomes can be in terms of losses, and your business may have to bear the aftermath as well.

One of the most severe problems that companies face is the problem of maximum working hours. This also includes the laws that monitor their worker’s time and schedules.

If you are looking forward to running a profitable business in the UAE, you must be up to speed on labour laws. This is substantial so that you do not get into any problems with your employees.

Being an employer, you must know the policies regarding working hours to develop the best possible working situations for your workers. As a worker in UAE, you should be aware of all sections of labour law. This is important so that you are ready to file an objection if your privileges are being violated by your employer.

Working Hours While Working in UAE

Working hours differ considerably from one nation to another nation. It’s crucial to know all of the laws in the UAE. This is for you to perform your work-related obligations with complete peace of mind without being annoyed by your employer.

Each employee is expected to perform job duties for a set period. In parallel, it’s also important to obey their time and facilitate them to relax. This is important to save employees from burnout and keep working with boosted zeal and dedication.

The Labour Law very clearly specifies that the maximum number of normal working hours for employees of each level each day is equal to eight. It is very important to understand the idea that it is one of the most common employment challenges that companies must deal with in reality.

Overtime Work

Overtime labour is also a big area of scepticism. When it comes to employment hours rules and regulations, many employees are not uncertain how to handle them. The overtime rules are delineated in Articles 68 as well as 67 of the Labour Law. Overtime is specified as a period spent outside of conventional working hours, and the rules below apply:

If the worker works above time between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m., the percentage surges to 50%.

The employee is authorized to a wage that is equal to the normal hourly rate plus 25%.

Travel Period

Workers’ travel duration is not an element considered within the complete working hours. This is as per Article 65 of the United Arab Emirates Labour Law.

As a consequence, workers must explore a place to dwell in the vicinity of their place of business. If you are looking forward to working from anywhere in Dubai with anybody, you may opt for a Freelance Visa.

Festive Holiday

It is critical to observe the national holiday. Every employee should be permitted to do so. If the organisation fails to comply, it may face harsh consequences. Thus it is critical to know when this holiday is so you can follow the instructions.


Your law firm needs to create widespread awareness of UAE working hours. In case of any issues prevailing, you could reach out to labour lawyers in Dubai. There are numerous guidelines to keep in mind, and they are progressively growing in a row. As a consequence, you will need an HR board with professionals. This group of experts will consistently keep watch for changes in the Labour Law. This is significantly important to stay updated and becomes acceptable by the Ministry of Labour’s guidelines.